Are NBA 2K21 servers down? How to check

There are several ways to check for outages.

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Image via 2K Games

Online servers for popular games tend to have periods of random outages from time to time, especially when most of the player base is using online modes. This is old hat for NBA 2K21, considering how often server problems popped up in previous titles, but that also means some players don’t have access to certain aspects of the game, as online is required to use them. 

If you want to get the most out of your time with 2K21, you will need to be connected to the 2K Online servers. That is the only way to play all of the modes, including online portions of MyCareer or MyTeam. 

Thankfully, because 2K is aware of how important functional servers are for its games, there are multiple ways you can check if there are server problems affecting NBA 2K titles or any of the company’s other games. 

Your first option is checking, the game’s official website. There is a dedicated server status page that you can access that will tell you the current status of each platform’s NBA servers.

There is also an individual listing for the server status of each of the game’s most popular features, including Locker Codes, Play With Friends, and MyPark. You can submit error codes on the page too, making it easy to give feedback on any outages. 

You can also check Downdetector for a second, non-2K-run option, which lists any reported outages, how they are affecting the game, and any additional comments from players. It lists reports based on the last 24 hours with a breakdown of the individual issues and any notes about them being resolved. 

Outside of checking for yourself on those websites, you can try to reset your own internet connection or restart the application to try and connect again with a fresh connection.