Are Realm Royale servers down? How to check Realm Royale server status

Better see where the problem is.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Server issues are frustrating for everyone when they happen. They can keep you out of the game you want to play with friends and force you to either choose a different game or just not play anything. However, it is important to nail down the reasons why you can not access a game’s servers. If the problem is on your end, you will want to fix it. Here is how you can check to see if Realm Royale’s servers are down.

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How to see if Realm Royale is down

If you can not access the servers in Realm Royale, you are being blocked from accessing anything in-game. To see if the problem is on Hi-Rez Studios’ side, first check their status page. This is a really easy page to read. You can find the Realm Royale section at the top and see if it is currently down or not. If you scroll down, you can see recent times that the game has been down and for what reason. You can also check the Hi-Rez Operations Twitter page for all updates and announcements about planned maintenance times that can bring the game down.

Another spot you can check to see if that game is having issues is the status page of your platform. Sometimes, the specific console or PC store you are using to access the game can have issues that can prevent everyone from playing the game. Below are the places to check their status:

Epic Games Store

Nintendo Switch




If any of the above links show some issues with accessing your owned games, you, unfortunately, will need to play the game somewhere else or wait for that team to fix their issues. Luckily, if just that store is down, the game is free-to-play on all platforms, so just download and connect your account to have all of your progress carry over.