Are there microtransactions or loot boxes in Halo Infinite?

Will I have to pay real-world money at any point?

Halo Infinite microtransactions loot boxes

Image via Microsoft

Halo Infinite‘s release date is only a matter of months away, but there’s still plenty we don’t know about it. There’s an air of mystery around one of the Xbox Series X’s launch titles, even after July’s Xbox Games Showcase, and something that has gamers concerned is the potential for microtransactions to be included.

Microtransactions and loot boxes have wormed their way into games over the past few years, and are looked down on by players due to companies trying to increase their profits from game sales. There’s always been the possibility that Halo Infinite will have microtransactions, so is there any confirmation one way or the other yet?

Thankfully, there is. A Halo Waypoint article, written by 343 Community Leader John Junyszek in the wake of July’s Xbox Games Showcase livestream, has given us a definitive answer. Junyszek confirmed that Halo Infinite will not have real-money microtransactions or loot boxes as part of its gameplay mechanics.

This means you won’t be forced to spend real-life cash to buy cosmetics, in-game currency, or anything else that could lead to suggestions that Halo Infinite is a “pay-to-win” title. This is a welcome step from 343 Industries and ensures that this is one less thing for Halo fans to worry about come launch.

Of course, real-money microtransactions doesn’t necessarily mean in-game currency loot boxes won’t be used. If there is an in-game currency system in Halo Infinite, however, you’ll earn that from playing the game, so you won’t have to use your own money for new skins and other items.

343 has revealed that it will talk about Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer component ahead of launch, so here’s hoping that they reveal more about any in-game currency loot boxes or microtransactions when they do so. If nothing else, it will put everyone’s minds at ease, particularly those who won’t have seen the Halo Waypoint article by that point.