Assassin’s Creed Mirage A Life’s Work: Where to Find Al-Mahani the Astronomers Three Pages

An astronomer has lost some of his life’s work, and wants you to find the missing pages. But this Tales of Baghdad has a dark ending.

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There are a handful of side-quests in Assassin’s Creed Mirage that you’ll come across called Tales of Baghdad. These short stories are spread across the regions of the map where you can meet an interesting range of characters. The tale for ‘A Life’s Work’ is one of the more involved quests you’ll do, and is an absolute gut punch when it all comes to an end.

Al-Mahani is an astronomer who has lost three treatise pages from his work studying the stars. But that’s not the only bad news, he’s very ill and there appears to be something wrong with his heart. The astronomer wants you to retrieve those pages before someone else steals them and claims the work as their own. On top of that, Al-Mahani tells you about his son and how they had an argument just before he departed for the day. Basim offers to go get his son for Al-Mahani, but he says that the treatise are more important.

These pages aren’t marked on the map, so you’ll need to do some searching around the area and a bit of puzzle-solving to locate them all. Here is what you need to know to find the three pages for A Life’s Work in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

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Where to find A Life’s Work Tales of Baghdad Quest

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Al-Mahani can be found at the Observatory inside of the Abbasiyah region of Assassins Creed Mirage. It is located on the western side of the map, just northeast of the House of Wisdom. After speaking with Al-Mahani he will ask you to find the three treatise pages from his work studying the stars. These will all be scattered around the Observatory.

Where to Find Al-Mahni’s Three Pages in A Life’s Work

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The first page you can find will be toward the southwest side of the observatory area. Where Al-Mahani has collapsed near the bench, face the southwest direction and climb the building. There will be some tables up here and the page is resting on one of them – however, it will start to fly away and you’ll have to chase it. Follow this around the backside of the observatory, and it will settle up some stairs toward the southeast end of the Observatory. Collect the page and get ready to move on.

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The next page you’ll be able to find at the very top of the Observatory. Because the building has some fence areas to stop you from climbing it, you’ll need to start at the front of the structure so you’re facing toward the northwest. As you’re ascending, proceed to the north side on the second level, where you’ll come across a bookcase that needs to be moved. Position this so that you can climb on top and to the third floor. Once you are here, you’ll see a table next to a large sundial. The page is sitting on top of the table.

The final page can be found within the Observatory. There is a door out the front, but it is barred from the inside. Instead, proceed to the backside of the building and you’ll come across another moveable platform. You can only move this one way, so pull it towards you. Once that is done, climb on top and face the window to the right. From here you can throw a dagger at the door to destroy the locking mechanism.

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Return to the front of the Observatory and head through the now unlocked door. Turn right, go upstairs and the page will be sitting on the table once you reach the top. There is also a chest in this room you can loot for some additional upgrade materials. Once you have all of the pages return back to where Al-Mahani was at the bench.

Unfortunately, you’ll discover that Al-Mahani has passed away and his son is grieving over his body. Al-Mahni’s son talks about how he came to make amends with his father for their argument, but that he was too late. Basim gives the treatise to the son and explains how they were lost and was tasked to retrieve them for Al-Mahni. The son then asks if his father said anything about him at all. This is where you have two options to pick from. Either ‘The treatise mattered most‘, or ‘You mattered most‘.

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Well, we know the answer to that one, at least in that specific moment when we were told to fetch the treatise instead of Al-Mahni’s son. Though, for this decision, I went ‘You mattered most’, and chose for Basim to take all the blame so this poor person didn’t have to live with those details on their mind. Despite the grim ending, this will complete the quest for A Life’s Work and you’ll be rewarded with a skill point.