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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey takes you into a world which is on verge of war. You can pick from a male character – Alexios or a female character – Kassandra. In many parts of the game, you will have multiple choices and this will impact the gameplay. In this massive open world game, you can explore various regions, participate in battle with allies and conquer nations. You will also have a section of finding and killing mercenaries who are hunting you done and cultist separately where you will be dealing with a secret group who control the nation.

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There are different main chapters that come under the Odyssey section of the game, there are a lot of side-missions also. In this part, you will learn about the main chapters.

  • Another Day, Another Drachma – This is the beginning chapter of Assassins Creed Odyssey, you will mostly learn about combats, unlock skills, trading, etc.
  • A Debt To Pay – In this chapter, you will be fought with an enemy Cyclops to pay off your debt and find a ship that will help you to progress further.
  • The Wolf Hunt – After getting the ship, you will go on a mission given to you my Elpenor of hunting down a military general called as The Wolf.
  • Of Visions and Visionaries – Once you are done dealing with the Spartan general, you will learn about an Oracle who will give you your next main objective. You will have to just interrogate the person.
  • The Wolf And The Snake – The Oracle will tell you about a Cult who is controlling everything, your next job is to investigate and find out access to the cult.
  • Old Enemy And A New Ally – Herodotos will tell you about a secret structure made by ancient creatures you have to go here to upgrade your spear.
  • The Road To The Symposium – This chapter consist of a lot of discussions where you will have to find a clue about your mother.
  • A Prescription for Discovery – After getting a clue on the whereabouts of protagonist’s mother you will be going to interrogate a few priests to learn more.
  • Pirate Hospitality & The Spear of Leonidas – In the first quest you will be meeting pirates on an island to learn more about Myrrine and next you will have to upgrade the spear by collecting 7 Artifacts that will be dropped by Cultist.
  • Land of the Lawlessness – In this quest will have to help Anthousa and help her in taking down a gang called Monger. She will later share more info on the Spartan women.
  • Rising From The Ashes – This one is a small quest you will be escaping Athens. You will also get an option to play Abandoned by God quest.
  • Paradise Lost – After gathering all kinds of details you will be finally able to locate the Spartan women and help her in the battle.
  • Home Is Where My Mother Is – You will return to Sparta and prove your loyalty for the king.
  • Paint In Red – This is one of the objectives you will get after the kings give you multiple tasks. In this quest, you will be helping Stentor to deal with Athens.
  • The Cult And The Archon, The Olympian – In this quest you will continue fulfilling the objectives to prove your loyalty. One is to help Sparta win Olympics.
  • The Cultist King – Int his quest you will finally face Deimos, but this does not mean he will die. You will face him later on once again.
  • We Will Rise – In this quest you will assist Brasidas in a battle, but unfortunately, he will be killed by Deimos.
  • Homecoming Ending – This is the final and ending part of the game, there are overall four endings in the game. You can find info on how to unlock them all.

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