17 Legendary Chest Locations In Assassin's Creed Odyssey [Map]

In this Assassin's Creed Odyssey guide you can find a list of 17 Legendary Chest you can find in the game (in the main game, more might be added via DLC). These chests are scattered all around the map so it is best to find them when you are in a nearby region playing a quest. Or else if you only go for the chest to collect epic items then this will take a lot of time. The epic quality gears you get in the game will offer you some of the best features. Below is the list and locations of all 17 Legendary chests along which what you can find in that and their stats.

Legendary Chest Locations

How To Locate Legendary Chest In Different Places


The easiest way to locate this Legendary Chest in a fortress or around different rooms in a building is to find a red flag with caret sign on it. It is not necessary these flags will always be there, but in most of the cases in temples, fortress, buildings, this flags mean the chest is somewhere around or inside the room where they are hanging.

All 17 Legendary Chest Locations

All chest is located on distant places, but if you see a flag with a caret sign try to search around for a chest. A legendary chest is golden in color with two lions on it.

1). Pilgrim's Belt Legendary Chest Location


Where To Find Pilgrim's Belt

On the north-west side of Phokis you will have to locate a fast travel point Ruins of Artemis. Around the point, you will find Temple of the Golden-Bowed Goddess. You will need to kill Lead Huntress, there is also an ancient tablet in the region. Look for stone pillars, you can use the eagle vision to easily spot the location. 


  • +13% Assassin Damage.
  • +20% Adrenaline on Assassination Kill.
  • -40% Adrenaline Consumed by Shadow of Nyx ability.

2). Pilgrim's Hood Legendary Chest Location


Where To Find Pilgrim's Hood

For this legendary item, you will have to visit the Sanctuary of Eleusis located in Attika region. Go to Eleusis Telestorion. The chest is located inside a huge building. There is another camber with two female statues outside. You can find the sanctuary on the southwest side of Sacred Plain of Demeter.


  • +13% Assassin Damage.
  • +12% Damage with Daggers.
  • -40% Adrenaline Consumed by Shadow of Nyx ability.

3). Pilgrim's Garment Legendary Chest Location


Where To Find Pilgrim's Garment

You will need to go Lakonia region of Sparta, there look for Temple of Athena. Inside the temple below the statue of the goddess, you will find the Legendary Chest.


  • +13% Assassin Damage.
  • +12% Adrenaline on Assassination kill.
  • -40% Adrenaline Consumed by Shadow of Nyx ability.

4). Pilgrim's Gloves Legendary Chest Location


Where To Find Pilgrim's Gloves

In the region of Argolis near Temple of Poseidon, you will need to find Akropolis of Argos. This structure is located on a top of a mountain. Inside the building take the stairs and go on up to find the chest.   


  • +13% Assassin Damage.
  • +12% Adrenaline per Hit.
  • -40% Adrenaline Consumed by Shadow of Nyx ability.

5). Pilgrim's Boot Legendary Chest Location


Where To Find Boot Gloves

You will need to find Temple of Britomartis in the Messara region. The is not hard to locate, once you are in Messara follow the location marked on the map and find the temple. Go to the back side where you will find the goddess statue. Behind the statue, you can find the legendary chest.


  • +13% Assassin Damage.
  • +16% Movement Speed while Crouching.
  • -40% Adrenaline Consumed by Shadow of Nyx ability.

6). Achilles' Spear Legendary Chest Location


Where To Find Achilles' Spear

The treasure which has Achilles spear is located in Makedonia. You will need to search for Olynthos Fortress. The treasure chest is located inside the fortress. Walk towards the left end of the fortress and look for a red flag with a caret (^) symbol. This place is guarded so scan it well before entering. It is located inside a small house. Look for a flag outside the house it is somewhere in the left corner of the fortress.


  • +15% Hunter Damage.
  • +15% Damage with Spears.
  • +20% Damage with Multi-Shot Ability.

7). Herakles' Bow Legendary Chest Location -


Where To Find Herakles' Bow:

The legendary chest that has this bow is on Hephaistos Islands, on the west side of Makedonia. You will have to break into Koinyra Fortress. This place has three chests. The place is heavily guarded, there are various ways to access the fort. You will need to find a building that has huge red flags with caret symbol on them. The chest is located on the top floor of that building, you can enter from the roof. 


  • +15% Warrior Damage.
  • +10% Damage with Bow Charged Shot.
  • +20%  Damage with Bull Rush Ability.

8). Hade's Bident Legendary Chest Location -


Where To Find Hade's Bident:

Hade's Bident is located in Bay of Hades in Messenia. There is a fortress located on the east side of fast travel point Vista of Pylos. Once you found the fortress climb the wall just on the outer side of a red flag with caret symbol on it. After climbing the wall don't go into the building that has a flag on it, instead go straight right. Cross stairs two times, and then turn left. There is a house on your left with some vegetation and water outside. Enter that house and on your front, you will see a scrolls cabinet. Take the door on its left and you will find the chest inside. 


  • +13% Warrior Damage.
  • +20% CRIT Damage.
  • +20%  Damage with Ring of Chaos Ability.

9). Eros's Bow Legendary Chest Location -


Where To Find Eros's Bow:

The chest is located in the Messenia region in the region of Mines of the Great Trench. There is a fast travel point Temple of Zeus in the region. The temple is located on the top of the mountain, on the right end, you will find Andania Mine. It is a restricted area with two cave entrance. Take the left one and inside you will find the Legendary Chest.


  • +13% Hunter Damage.
  • +15% Adrenaline per HIT.
  • +50% Chance to not Consume Special Arrows.

10). Herakles's Mace Legendary Chest Location -


Where To Find Herakles's Mace:

Herakles's Mace is located in Temple of Demeter and Kore in Pan's Crade region of Arkadia. The nearest fast travel point is Sanctuary of Athena Polias. The chest is just inside the temple. 


  • +13% Hunter Damage.
  • +12% Adrenaline per HIT.
  • +40% Damage with Bows when Above Target.

11). Falx Of Olympos Legendary Chest Location -


Where To Find Falx Of Olympos:

The item is in the chest which is in sunken Palace of Amphitrite in the middle of the ocean. You will need to swim all the way down the palace is fairly visible. You have to swim in the center down and cross a school of fish. If you have the ability Revelation you will be able to spot hidden treasures easily. You will need to dock your ship on the north-west side of Thera island. 


  • +13% Assassin Damage.
  • +12% Adrenaline per CRIT.
  • +100% Damage but Health Capped to 25%.

12). Agamemnon's Gauntlets Legendary Chest Location -


Where To Find Agamemnon's Gauntlets:

The Legendary Chest with the gauntlets is located deep inside a mine. In the Silver Mountain region of Attika you will need to locate Silver Mine (Attika). You can easily spot the mountain region on the map. You will have to cross Lavrio Silver Mine to reach Silver Mine. Both are a restricted area. Enter Lavrio Silver Mine, just as you cross the wooden entrance on the right there is a path that leads to cave entrance of Silver Mine. Once you are inside the mine, run towards the end. You will come across a few wooden stairs on left, go till the end and take a left turn, go in the end and take the stairs on your left. It will be a dead end, climb the wooden structure on left and go up. Climb on the rocks once you reach the end of this platform and then hang towards left and you will spot the chest in the left corner.


  • +15% Warrior Damage.
  • +25% Elemental Damage.
  • +50% Burning Rate

13). Xiphos Of Peleus Legendary Chest Location -


Where To Find Xiphos Of Peleus:

The chest for this weapon is located on Southern Sporades in the Highlands of Asklepiades region. It is located inside Artemisia fort. In the fort area, somewhere in the center area, you will have to locate a room with no roof and broken wall. Look near the coconut trees on the extreme left side if you facing the ocean. 


  • +13% Assassin Damage.
  • +16% Adrenaline per CRIT.
  • +20% Damage with Rush Assassinate Ability.

14). Posiden's Trident Legendary Chest Location -

Where To Find Posiden's Trident:

You can read our guide How To Get Poseidon's Trident, for the exact locations of finding the legendary chest for this weapon.  The weapon offers you the ability to breathe underwater.


  • +15% Warrior Damage
  • +25% CRIT Damage
  • Breath Underwater

15). Hammer of Jason Legendary Chest Location -


Where To Find Hammer of Jason:

The chest is located near the Palace of Agamemnon in the Argolis region. Look for fort Mycenae, climb on top of the fort and you will see a broken roof to enter. Go to the ground floor and you will find the chest in the center of this fort.


  • +15% Warrior Damage.
  • +15% Damage with Heavy Blunt Weapon.
  • +20% Damage with Shield Break Ability.

16). The Minotaur's Revenge Legendary Chest Location -


Where To Find The Minotaur's Revenge:

Minotaur's Revenge is a ship skin you will find in an underwater cavern in the Makedonia region. There is a fast travel point near the bay area called as Rock Arch. You will need to go towards Triple Peninsula of Chalkidike. It is a bit far from the fast travel point, but if you head to the south-west side you can track down the cavern. Also, it is straight north from the ship dock point. Locate the cavern entrance between the rocks and go down to the bottom. Follow the torches and you will come to a small pond. You can see jellyfish in them, jump in and swim to the bottom the chest is located underwater.

17). The Hounds Of Hades Legendary Chest Location -


Where To Find The Hounds Of Hades:

Another ship skin you can find deep in the ocean. The chest is hidden inside a peninsula.  You will need to travel towards the Lakonia region. Not far from the land, jump into the ocean and swim down to the bottom. You will need to locate Dioskouroi Peninsula. Watch for sharks, the chest is inside a sunken building, you have to swim from the broken roof towards down and you will spot the chest.

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