Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to complete Little Victories World Event

Memories are worth fighting for, no matter how futile things may seem.


If you’re hot on the Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard trail or are just in the area of Skegi’s Beard, you can’t miss this World Event. It’s an oddly touching tale of why you should fight for the things that mean something to you — even if that fight is pointless.

Where is the Little Victories World Event?

As we alluded to earlier, you’ll find this World Event very close to Skegi’s Beard. If you’re at Lincoln, go as far east as possible before you hit the sea, and you’ll definitely find it. There are two people high up on a cliff overlooking Skegi’s Beard. Go and talk to them to start the World Event.

Step 1 – Decide how to fight

After talking with the pair of warriors, one of whom is none other than Skegi himself, it becomes clear that someone needs to go down into Skegi’s Beard and rid it of the invaders who now occupy it. One of the warriors is keen to go with you, and you can choose to take them along or go it alone.

This choice doesn’t have much of an impact on the World Event. All that changes is that you have a little extra help when you go through the next step.

Step 2 – Kill every enemy in Skegi’s Beard

This step is pretty simple — you need to go down into the area below and kill every enemy. There’s plenty of loot to collect as well, so make sure that you’re using Odin’s Sight to track the treasure down as you go.

If you chose to take one of the warriors with you, they’ll follow you closely. If you’re sneaking around and taking enemies down stealthily, they won’t break your cover. As soon as things get loud though, they’ll run around with two axes like an absolute beast.

Our advice is to go in and face these enemies head on without sneaking. Your companion for this short period of time is so brutal that it’s comical. Watching them run around and take giant enemies down by slamming two axes into their head is incredible.

Once you’ve killed all the enemies, it’s time to return to Skegi.

Step 3 – Talk to Skegi

Skegi will thank you for your efforts, and Evior will marvel at how well his companion fought. She makes a promise then and there that she’ll come to Evior when Sekgi’s days are over.

Unfortunately, you don’t get an interesting reward outside of experience for completing this World Event. It’s nice to finally understand why this area is called Skegi’s Beard, though.