Bad Request 400 error code in Roblox, explained

Roblox is down again.

Image via Roblox Corporation

Roblox is down again, with multiple players not being able to access the game at this moment. Players are receiving a “Bad Request” message with error code 400. A Bad Request message generally means that the request to read the Roblox servers has become invalid, which suggests that the contents of the servers somehow no longer exist.

The error code 400 also means there’s a connection time out, which indicates that the game as a whole is having problems. The connection time out could be caused by servers going under maintenance or the servers going down due to high traffic.

It doesn’t appear at this moment that Bad Request 400 error code can be fixed on the players’ end. If it’s a server issue, then it’s up to the Roblox Corporation to fix it. The only thing players can do is wait for the issues to clear up and by checking the Roblox status page to keep track of when the errors are fixed.

Roblox is an online game creation system that was developed by the Roblox Corporation in 2006. It has simple tools for anyone of all ages to make their own games, which made it very popular among younger gamers. Unfortunately, Roblox has suffered from multiple crashes due to the servers not being able to withstand the high player base, which has grown in the last few years.