Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Alternative Classes for Each Companion in BG3

Here are some ideas for alternative companion classes in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s time to put that Withers’ respec option to use.

Best Companion Alternative Classes to Respec

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Baldur’s Gate 3 has taken players by storm, offering a cast of intriguing companions to journey with. But what if we told you that their development path could be steered in entirely new directions? Thanks to the ability to respec, exploring alternative character classes for each companion is possible. By exploring alternative classes, you breathe new life into their stories and unveil hidden layers of their personalities. The power to reshape their destinies is in your hands, waiting to be unlocked with each choice you make.

Astarion: The Charismatic Bard

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Astarion, the charming vampire spawn, has an affinity for shadows and subtlety. Why not embrace his allure and make him a Bard? His skillful, charismatic nature blends seamlessly with the Bardic arts. Respect him Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3 into the College of Swords Bard, transforming him into a more cunning trickster. His Vicious Mockery becomes a weapon of choice, rendering enemies powerless with his witty jabs. “Is that your face? My word.”

Gale: Arcane Trickster Rogue

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Gale is a Wizard by design, but what if he could embrace his mystical yearnings differently? Let him dabble in Rogue techniques and evolve into an Arcane Trickster Rogue as an alternative class for Gale in BG3. As an addict to magic and danger, his transformation into a rogue, wielding a rapier and donning a ridiculous hat, adds a new layer of hilarity. His anti-stealth lines become comedy gold, revealing his neurotic personality without his accustomed magic. “You’ve got the wrong person for this kind of job.”

Karlach: Shadow Monk with a Twist

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Karlach can be reinvented as a shadowy Monk with an intriguing twist as an alternative class for this fiery companion in BG3. Choose the path of the Shadow Monk, maintaining her melee prowess while adding a touch of mystique. Alternatively, consider a Barbarian/Monk multiclass, allowing her to become a formidable tank. She’ll combine her unarmored fighting with Ki abilities, deflecting arrows and imposing a disadvantage on attacks. 

Lae’zel: Ruthless Assassin Rogue

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Lae’zel, the stoic Githyanki soldier, can explore a new avenue as a ruthless Assassin Rogue. Her calculated and methodical approach to combat aligns perfectly with the Assassin Rogue class. Transform her into a deadly shadow, striking her foes with precision and cunning. This alternative BG3 class shift paints this companion as a strategic executioner, showcasing a side of her that complements her Githyanki nature.

Shadowheart: Agent of Shadows

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Shadowheart’s mysterious background lends itself beautifully to a Way of Shadow Monk. Imagine her as a special agent of a deity, infiltrating enemy lines using shadow magic. This thematic shift adds depth to her character as she harnesses her connection to the shadows to accomplish her divine missions. Alternatively, she could embrace the path of a Paladin, becoming a devoted agent of Shar another possible companion alternative class in BG3.

Wyll: A Vengeful Paladin

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Wyll’s tragic past can lead him down the path of a Vengeance Paladin, fueled by his desire for retribution. Alternatively, imagine a twist where he made a deal with Mizora for power, steering him away from the traditional Paladin oath. While many might argue that he should only be a Warlock, Wyll’s infernal pact doesn’t have to confine him to a single class.

Halsin: A Shapeshifting Barbarian

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Imagine Halsin not only as a druid who commands the wilds but also as a primal Barbarian who embraces the power of rage. By dipping into the Barbarian class, specifically Wildheart or Bearheart, Halsin can unlock the formidable ability to Rage. This fiery fury amplifies his combat prowess and combines seamlessly with his druidic talents. Picture a raging bear or owl bear charging into battle with unstoppable might or a raging goat leaping with surprising ferocity. This alternative companion class really does bring the best of Halsin.

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Jaheira: Valor Bard of The Balance

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Jaheira is a seasoned druid in BG3, but Halsin’s already filling in that role. Let’s have Jaheira take on a new role as a Valor Bard. This change harkens back to her roots, playing more similarly to her BG1 and BG2 iterations. As a skaldic advocate of The Balance and a Harper, she can wield her bardic talents to inspire and bolster her companions. This fresh perspective showcases her adaptability and the multifaceted nature of her character.

Minsc: True to His Ranger Roots

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Minsc, the lovable ranger with his iconic miniature giant space hamster Boo, should stick to his roots as a ranger. His unwavering bond with Boo and his inherent rage makes him a natural fit for the Ranger class, staying true to his core identity. Alternatively, just to have fun, he can be respec into a Rogue for some funny dialogue.