Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Trust Wizard Elminster in BG3

Find out whether it’s safe to reveal that Gale is in the camp to the traveler named Elminster Aumar in BG3.

Elminster Aumar in BG3

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of bizarre encounters with peculiar characters, including the enigmatic Wizard Elminster Aumar. In Act 2, while journeying to Moonrise Towers through the Underdark, you’ll encounter a Gandalf-like, bearded man who asks if you’re accompanied by someone named Gale. If you’ve left Gale at the camp, you can choose to fib and claim he’s not one of your companions. After all, can you trust this Elminister fellow?

Who is Wizard Elminster Aumar in BG3?

Gale Companion Quest BG32
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Elminster Aumar, the renowned Sage of Shadowdale, stands tall as Faerûn’s mightiest and most renowned wizard. He is a returning character in the Baldur’s Gate saga, representing a masterful fighter, cunning thief, and co-founder of the Harpers. 

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Endowed by Mystra, the goddess of magic, Elminster arrives at the camp to assign a crucial mission to Gale. This divine task demands a sacrifice, uncharacteristically setting it apart from Mystra’s usual benevolence as the Mother of all Magic. 

Should You Reveal Gale is in The Camp to Elminister Aumar in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Gale in Camp Quest BG3
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Whether this task was entrusted by Mystra herself or Elminster is conjuring up some lies, welcoming Elminster Aumar into the camp is safe. Elminster, at least during this first encounter, is harmless. The mighty wizard will deliver this divine message and then cast a spell to disappear.

This encounter will invite Gale to open up about his magic-gobbling illness and set the party on a companion quest to please Mystra’s wishes. The Companion Questline The Wizard of Waterdeep will be updated with the objective of destroying the heart of the Absolute, which would potentially kill Gale in the process. It’s up to the player to find an alternative to complete Mystra’s request and rid Gale of his curse. Maybe once he’s healed, I’ll let him join the party again.