Gale Annoys BG3 Players As He Refuses To Acknowledge Their Magical Prowess

Magic snobbery is on the rise in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. Gale is unimpressed with the lowly magic users in his camp.

BG3 Gale

Image via Larian Studios

It’s not easy trying to be a mage in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. Larian Studios hit RPG is making waves throughout the gaming world with its witty characters, writing, expansive levels, and addicting gameplay choices. Many stand-out moments seem to be tied to our fellow shoe-gobbling Wizard, Gale – and this most recent discovery is no exception.

Gale is already known for his passions surrounding magic, from his love of the Weave to his romantic relationship with Mystra, the Lady of Mysteries. In fact, that love of magic is why players are carrying around a time bomb shaped like an adorable Wizard. However, Gale’s magical knowledge seems to get in the way of his manners, as one player has discovered, leaving their Bard with a bad impression after a specific conversation.

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It’s A Hard Knock Life For Magic Users

Recently, a post on Reddit pointed out Gale’s lack of interest in the type of magic their bard was wielding. According to the user, Gale randomly mentioned the Bard’s inadequate magical knowledge when conversing with him in a routine camp chat. The post reads, “So bards are casters, and in game Gale can “see” my OC casting spells during combat, but then when you first talk to him in camp (as a bard) he says we’re not versed in magic (well “asks”) and then your only answer is either to tell him to stop the conversation, or to say no you’re not…despite casting magic.”

Other players in the thread pointed out that Gale is a bit more trollish than he originally lets on and that sorcerers are victims of his unflattering opinions as well. In fact, fellow wizards are still a step below, according to the “Master” Wizard himself.

It’s not a strange thing to be pushed into second- or even third-class citizenry in the world of Toril. If you come across any Red Wizard, be sure to courtly turn around and walk away, as they will flatten the unworthy with their magical abilities. It’s better to stick it to anyone else questioning your ability to weave spells and conjure magical forces to do your bidding. In fact, it’s even encouraged in-game, with all dialogue choices available.

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Hopefully, players will find a way to prove themselves to Gale and the rest of the cast as they make their mark in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s a long road to completing the many activities throughout the game, and the last thing you’ll need is the judgment of your companions. It’s not easy trying to save the world (or destroy it), so perhaps a little more support would be appreciated.