Baldur’s Gate 3: The Most Deranged Dark Urge Impulses in BG3

Dark Urge is darker than everyone expected. Here are the Dark Urge impulses that caught me off guard.

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, choices define your character. The Dark Urge origin is a chilling embodiment of inner turmoil. The siren call of the Dark Urge beckons players down a shadowed path, testing their mettle against the most deranged impulses. The line between morality and malevolence blurs with each chilling choice, as it unveils the terrifying depths that one’s inner demons can reach. Some bone-chilling choices lay bare the depths of their most deranged impulses.

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Severing Gale’s Hand

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During Act 1, an enigmatic hand suddenly pops out of an indigo portal, reaching for help. In a regular playthrough, this is the moment in which you would meet Gale, a major wizard companion and active party member. But a fateful decision is made in a moment tainted by the Dark Urge. The nightmare ensues, dreams morphing into reality – his hand severed. As Shadowheart’s disapproving quip underscores, he was meant to lend a hand, not lose one.

Letting Khaga Kill Arabella

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Arabella is a Tiefling kid who is being threatened by Khaga, an evil druid. Goody two-shoes characters will step into this abuse of power situation and protect the child. If saved, Arabella carries on to be a powerful kid in the Acts to come. However, if the Dark Urge steps in, her life will meet a swift end right in this first encounter.

Randomly Kicking a Squirrel Against a Tree

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In Act 1, just as the Dark Urge ponders a squirrel, it unexpectedly kicks the critter into a tree, ending its life swiftly. This random and uncalled-for action stands out, even though worse things happen later. It’s the element of surprise and needless cruelty. Even Gale, if he’s with you, disapproves. Maybe squirrels shouldn’t have mocked Alfira’s song after all.

Padirna’s Gruesome End

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Perhaps worse than crippling a companion is making the fate of an already crippled person worse. Hiding within an Emerald Grove storehouse, a wounded Tiefling named Padirna holds a confrontation that teeters on brutality. The Dark Urge, that relentless conductor of sinister symphonies, offers a way far more brutal. The imagery of snapping twigs conveys the grim outcome that awaits those who heed its call.

Alfira’s Tragic Demise

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Alfira, a Tiefling bard, faces an unceremonious end that cements the Dark Urge’s disdain for her kin. Extending an offer to accompany the protagonist, she’s fated to meet a grisly demise, staining your campsite with her blood. The narration evokes chilling details of a murder too horrific to forget.

Dooming Everyone in the Shadow Cursed Lands

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Within Moonrise Towers, Isabel’s fate hangs by a thread as the Dark Urge tightens its grip. The option to betray Marcus and slaughter Isabel unleashes a thirst for murder and chaos. This pivotal moment unlocks layers of backstory, accompanied by newfound power that fuels the flames of darkness.

Spontaneous Pixie Demise

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Navigating the shadow-cursed lands reveals a moral quandary: a pixie powering a lantern to shield against the curse. Succumbing to the Dark Urge presents an opportunity to unleash a brief, cruel freedom before extinguishing it. The clash between empathy and malevolence echoes vividly.

Minthara’s Mind-Breaking End

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Act Two witnesses Minthara’s gruesome fate, a chilling reminder that death might be a mercy. The Dark Urge allows players to delve deeper into darkness, engaging in a ritual that annihilates their minds and leaves them obedient pawns to a higher power.

Steelclaw’s Suffering

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The sassy cat of Moonrise Towers, Steelclaw, finds itself at the mercy of the Dark Urge. A chilling encounter invokes forgotten terrors, and a heart-wrenching choice ensues. Will players recall the past atrocities committed against this feline, surrendering to the urge’s bloodlust?

Killing Investigator Valeria and Bathing in Her Blood

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The title says it all, really. Investigator Valeria is a hollyphant investigating some gruesome murders in Baldur’s Gate. If I didn’t know better, I would suspect it’s Durge who’s behind it all. But, as it turns out, it’s another Bhaal worshipper. In any case, when you stand before the murder tribunal, Sarevok asks for a sacrifice: kill this flying elephant right there and bathe in her blood. It’s a cruel act, but as a slice of Bhaal’s flesh, the Dark Urge must comply.

Dismissing Butler Scleritas Fel

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It’s not easy to be the Dark Urge’s friend. There comes a point in the unrelenting Durge playthrough in which all companions and lovers might die, leaving us with only one loyal, friendly face: Butler Scleritas Fel.

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Still, perhaps the cruelest thing that can be done is to force this creature’s existence to end by dismissing him from camp. Seeing his tiny body contort to death is even worse because this happens right after you manipulatively call him a friend.