Baldur’s Gate 3: All Missable Side Quests & Content in Act 2

Don’t leave any stone unturned with this all side quests and missable content in Baldur’s Gate 3 act 2.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 puts players in a difficult position for free traversal in Act 2. Each turn depletes each party member’s health points, and options to earn protection against the shadow curse are limited for a portion of the story. As such, it’s easy to want to skip right to the sunny streets of Baldur’s Gate in Act 3.

Unfortunately, as much as this change of scenery is welcomed, rushing to the next area means you might have skipped some side content. After all, it’s quite dark, and torches can only light up so much space, right? This guide aims to cover every side quest and missable content in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Act 3.

Every Side Quest & Hidden Puzzles in Act 2

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Side QuestQuest DescriptionWhere to Start
Complete He Who Was’ Punish the Wicked questA mysterious man named He Who Was requires an item named Madelaine’s Ledger to punish this evil woman. Southeast of Shadow Cursed Lands 
Play hide and seek with OliverThis odd necromancer kid offers to engage in a game of hide and seek. Northwest of the Shadow Cursed Lands
Investigate the Selunite ResistanceIn an area plagued with darkness, some Selunite worshippers had to make do with hidden altars. Last Light Inn 
Meet Dammon to Complete Karlach’s QuestDammon is a blacksmith who helps Karlach with infernal iron. Last Light Inn 
Give Irons to Dammon to Get Legendary ArmorWith some rare irons from the Grymforge, Dammon can craft legendary armor pieces and explosives. Last Light Inn 
Meet Strange Ox once moreThe Hollow’s Strange Ox moved with the Tieflings. Last Light Inn 
Convince Mattis to give you a key This Tiefling kid deceived us once; it’s time for payback. Last Light Inn 
Meet and recruit Jaheira Jaheira makes a comeback in BG3. Last Light Inn 
Rescue the TieflingsKetheric is holding some Tieflings captive. Last Light Inn 
Find and save Rolan and his familyRolan has become a drunkard after losing his family. Saving his butt might prove rewarding in the future. Last Light Inn 
Find a cure for the bedridden Flaming Fist Art Cullagh A flaming fist might have the cure for the Shadow Curse, but first it’s time to awaken him. Last Light Inn 
Lift the Shadow Curse from the Shadow Cursed Lands Halsin can help lift the shadow curse permanently. Last Light Inn  
Find Thaniel’s Shadow to Lift the Shadow Curse If Thaniel and his shadow are reunited, the shadow curse will be gone. Last Light Inn 
Get a Moonlantern to combat the shadow curse This Shadow curse makes exploration difficult. Get a Moontantern to combat it. Shadow Cursed Lands 
Explore the Gauntlet of Shar and Solve the TrialsShadowheart gets the spotlight in the Gauntlet of Shar. Gauntlet of Shar 
Find the Nightsong and Decide Whether to Kill her or Save HerThe Nightsong awaits in the Shadowfell. Gauntlet of Shar 
Kill the Orthon Yurgir or Make a Deal with Him Trust Raphael and kill Yurgir, or strike a deal with the Orthon instead. Gauntlet of Shar 
Meet Arabella to save her parentsArabella’s not the one in trouble this time, but her parents are lost. Reithwin 
Explore the Tollhouse and defeat Gerringothe South of the Last Light Inn, a gold-lusting boss awaits. Tollhouse 
Explore the House of Healing and defeat MalusA crazed “doctor” has taken over the House of Healing. House of Healing 
Explore the Waning Moon and defeat ThisobaldThisobald Thorm has seized the area’s tavern. The Waning Moon 
Take on Moonrise Towers with the HarpersStrategize with the Harpers to take over Moonrise Tower. Moonrise Tower 
Make Astarion Drink Araj Oboldra’s Blood or Not Is it morally correct to have Astarion drink Araj Oboldra’s blood for a potion? Moonrise Tower 
Explore Balthazar’s room in Moonrise TowerBalthazar hides some goodies in his lab. Moonrise Tower 
Solve puzzle and explore Ketheric’s room in Moonrise TowerKetheric Thorm hides some goodies in his room. Moonrise Tower 
Rescue Zevlor and Wyll’s patron Zevlor fled, leaving the Tieflings behind.  Mind Flayer Colony 
Rescue Wulbren and the gnomes Wulbren, the gnome leader of the Ironhands, is held captive in the towers. Moonrise Towers 
Solve the Necrotic Laboratory Puzzle In the Mind Flayer ColonyThere’s more to this gory area than what meets the eye. Mind Flayer Colony