The Best Add-ons For WoW: Classic


Because WoW: Classic is an older game, not everything is going to show up in the game’s user interface. There are some ways to optimize and turn this area into a player’s ideal paradise while they’re running around in the game. Because WoW: Classic works differently than World of Warcraft, there are critical ones that worked back in the day. Here are some of the more notable add-ons you should acquire and add to your gameplay experience.

For those curious about how to download add-ons to their WoW: Classic game, we detail how you can do that over here.

The Best Add-ons for WoW: Classic

Deadly Boss Mods

For those who can barely keep track of what’s going on during a raid or a dungeon, you’re going to need to add this one to your collection. With it, you’re going to receive various prompts and warnings about specific parts of a boss that you would have had to memorize otherwise. The pop-ups notify you of what to expect for the next phase, telling you what’s going to be needed and what to look out for during the battle. Those who are interested in running the end-game dungeons and raids are going to need this, without a doubt.

Vendor Price

During the beginning portion of the game, you may not know what items you want to collect for junk or what are the best options to sell to the inventory. With Vendor Price, you’re going to have the information immediately. All you need to do is hover over the item, and you’ll know how much it sells on vendors. You can optimize your inventory to sell the best things and get that early gold to move you through the ladder.

Advanced Interface Options

Do you want to tweak or change how your outlook looks in the game? This add-on provides you the flexibility to mess around with your interface, change the pop-up text, and take any particular notice of specific in-game text you might want to do away from or make more prominent. If there’s a particular buff or debuff you miss, you can move its location it moves to bring your attention to it far faster.

WeakAuras 2

As many people are likely discovering in WoW: Classic, the text information regarding buffs and debuffs can be a little vague. They take time to learn, and sometimes you have to do a little digging to figure out what they all mean. The worst part is, they can happen so quickly you may miss them. Using this add-on, you’re going to directly see a customized animation and graphic pop-up whenever you get hit with a buff or debuff. You can customize the aura’s textures, see any additional information regarding aura waiting time, or even include a particular sound or text alert to happen when you get hit. Take a look around and see what you like.


Loot tables are significant for older games, and WoW: Classic is no different. Rather than tracking them yourself, you can use this add-on to inform you of the particular loot table for what a boss drops, especially if you’re after a particular item. You can browse the list of items of boss drops, find what you’re looking for to get an idea of how lucky you need to be. It’s going to take time to get the end-game gear.