Best base MUT cornerbacks in Madden 21

Who are the best base MUT cornerbacks in Madden 21?

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To stop the opposing team’s passing game, you’re going to need good cornerbacks. Cornerbacks are the ones that are primarily tasked with cover the opponent’s wide receivers, meaning that you will want some good defensive backs in Madden Ultimate Team. But who are the best base MUT cornerbacks in Madden 21? Let’s go over our top five base MUT cornerbacks in Madden 21.

Stephon Gilmore

Not only is Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore the highest-rated cornerback in Online Head to Head action, but he has the best OVR (88) among corners in MUT. Standing at 6’1’’, Gilmore should be a solid matchup against taller wide receivers, and his Speed (85), Man Coverage (88), and Zone Coverage (86) attributes are some of the best in the game. Gilmore may cost a lot, but he’s worth the price, considering he’ll perform in any situation.

Richard Sherman

CB Richard Sherman revitalized his career with the 49ers, leaving him entering 2020 as the second-highest rated cornerback in MUT. Sherman, like Gilmore, should be strong against tall wide receivers like Mike Evans, given his 6’3’’ height. Sherman’s weakness is his Speed (81), which is fine but can leave him susceptible to quick wideouts. Still, he can be an effective back, especially in zone coverage formats given his 86 Zone Coverage attribute.

Jalen Ramsey

Rams CB Jalen Ramsey is the third-highest rated (85 OVR) base cornerback in MUT, behind only Stephon Gilmore and Richard Sherman (86 OVR). We do, however, like Ramsey a little bit better than Sherman, as Ramsey not only has better Speed (84 versus Sherman’s 81 Speed attribute), but the former first-round pick also is a better man coverage back. Ramsey’s 83 Man Coverage attribute is four points higher than Sherman’s 79 rating. And standing at 6’1’’, Ramsey can match up well against both smaller and taller wide receivers.

Marlon Humphrey

Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey lands on this list, as his Speed and Man Coverage attributes put him past other corners in Madden 21. Armed with 85 Speed and 83 Man Coverage attributes and a slew of other solid ratings (86 Acceleration, 81 Play Recognition), Humphrey can match up pretty well in a man coverage system.

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Darius Slay Jr.

New Eagles CB Darius Slay Jr. has been a fan favorite among MUT players for years, thanks to the fact that he always has good Speed ratings. And in Madden 21, Slay Jr. has strong running attributes (86 Speed, 85 Agility, 82 Acceleration). On top of those ratings, Slay’s 81 Zone Coverage attribute should make you comfortable if you plan on running a lot of Cover 2 Zone and Cover 3 plays.