Best battle pass rewards in Fallout 76 Season 6

These are the rewards to chase in season 6.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Fallout 76 Season 6 is now live, bringing with it a host of new features and a brand new battle pass for players to work through. This guide covers the best rewards in the battle pass, so you know what ranks to aim for if you’re completing challenges this season.

Manta Man Sidekick Outfit – Rank 16

Screenshot by Gamepur

This outfit is a clear ripoff of Aquaman from the DC universe, and it’s fantastic. If you fancy walking around the wasteland in gear that definitely won’t protect you from a Deathclaw’s bite or any form of radiation, then this is the first reward you need to claim.

Inspector Sidekick Costume and Underarmor – Rank 32

Screenshot by Gamepur

This outfit is far more effective at stopping damage, as long as it’s the bite of a fly. However, it does make you look like a magician’s assistant, and there’s very little that can beat that. So, if you want to look like a cross between a magician and Santa Clause, go for this reward.

Antique Gas Pump and Brewing Workbench – Rank 36

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you want to look like you’re making whisky in an alternative past, then this Workbench is the one you need to install in your Camp. It’s easily the best-looking Brewing Workbench we’ve seen in the game, one that will work with any steampunk aesthetic you try to pull off.

Mistress of Mystery Power Armor Excavator Paint – Rank 38

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s a lot of Power Armor paint in this season’s battle pass, but we think the Excavator version of the Mistress of Mystery paint looks the best. This one is also fairly early on in the battle pass, so if it’s all you’re bothered about picking up, it won’t take you too long.

Silver Shroud Telsa Rifle Paint – Rank 46

Screenshot by Gamepur

Make the Tesla Rifle look like it’s been ripped out of a steampunk version of London. This paintwork is definitely the best weapon paint you can earn in Fallout 76 Season 6, and it comes in at about halfway through the battle pass.

Maul – Rank 50

Screenshot by Gamepur

The middle of this season’s battle pass provides you with a new Camp Ally: Maul. He’s a Super Mutant who can help out in your Camp but won’t do much else for you. There are two allies in this season’s battle pass, but you really can’t beat a Super Mutant ally.

Silver Shroud Sidekick Outfit – Rank 54

Screenshot by Gamepur

The iconic Silver Shroud outfit is now available to claim in this season’s battle pass, and it looks pretty good. If you want to walk around the wasteland dressed as a 1950s PI, this is the reward.

Wasteland Gong – Rank 78

Screenshot by Gamepur

We don’t see why you’d need persuading to pursue this. It’s a massive gong that looks incredibly lethal, and you can have it to smash anytime you want in your camp this season.

Grognak’s Other Axe – Rank 86

Screenshot by Gamepur

Instead of a huge lethal weapon, pick up the axe that Grognak likes to sit back and chill with at the end of the day. You can make some awesome music with your friends and be safe in the knowledge that you can also kill anyone who doesn’t like your music.

Samureye Power Armor Paint – Rank 88

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is the best villain Power Armor paint in the game. Look like a boss while you saunter around the wasteland and make all bow to your will.

F.E.T.C.H. Collectron Station – Rank 98

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final entry is right at the end of this season’s battle pass, but it’s so worth it. See a robotic dog head out from your camp to collect items for you while you’re off killing Communists.