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Best Bennet build in Genshin Impact

Red hot support.

Bennet can be a powerful support character, bringing Pyro damage, healing, and buffs to his party. If you are running a party that needs to squeeze both Pyro and healing into the same slot, then Bennet is a worthy addition.

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His Passion Overload elemental skill will unleash a swift flame strike if you press it, but can also be held for a charged attack. At left one, he does two strikes, damaging and launching enemies, while at level two he will do three powerful Pyro attacks, with the last one causing an explosion that launches enemies and Bennet.

His Elemental Burst is called Fantastic Voyage. He will jump forward, performing a plunging attack that creates an Inspiration Field. Any friend character in the field below 70% health will get healing, while any character above 70% health will get an attack bonus. The healing will scale with Bennet’s max HP, while the attack bonus will scale with his base ATK stat.


For our money, whether you are using Bennet to buff damage output or provide heals doesn’t matter, you will want to use the Favonius Sword to help you spam abilities. This four-star sword can be obtained from Wishes and will give you a 60-100% chance to generate an energy orb with critical hits, depending on level.

The Festering Desire sword from the Chalk Prince and the Dragon event is also a great option, and will work very well with Bennet’s kit.


For artifacts, the Noblesse Oblige set will shine. You can get this from the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern and will benefit from +20% Elemental Burst damage at two pieces, and from an increase of 20% to all party members attack after using an Elemental Burst. The bonus will last for 12 seconds.

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