The best bows in Destiny 2

The best bows for any situation

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There are only a handful of bows available in Destiny 2. The weapon type was very popular when they were first added to the game, but they have dropped off a bit since then. While they may not be the most popular weapon, there are still a few bows in the game that are worth collecting to any players that prefer them. Here is a list of the best bows in Destiny 2.


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This is arguably the best bow in the game. Fish has an impact of 76, accuracy of 79, draw speed of 684, and can have a base damage of 750+. It is earned by completing the Gambit pinnacle quest, Hush Little Baby. One of the reasons it is so popular and so powerful is that it combines high damage with a very quick draw time. The best part of this bow is the Opening Shot and Archer’s Gambit perks. Archer’s Gambit can grant a massively reduced draw time. If you manage to land a precision hit using hip fire, you can draw more quickly for 8 seconds afterward. This allows you to get a few extra shots in at your targets. Opening Shot increases the accuracy and range of your first shot when entering combat.

Leviathan’s Breath

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Leviathan’s Breath is earned through the exotic quest Make Bows, Not War. It has an impact of 60, accuracy of 75, and a draw time of 1328. This bow is very unique because it uses heavy ammo instead of standard or special. It does a massive amount of damage per hit. This is the best bow to use against particularly difficult bosses. This is also a good bow to use in PvP if you prefer this type of weapon in the crucible. A good hit from this bow will be fatal to almost any players without the best possible protection or some kind of buff. The Leviathan’s Sight perk also adds knockback and some splash damage, making up for any near misses. The downside to this bow is that the massive damage comes with one of the longest draw times in the game.

No Turning Back

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This bow is a reward for completing the mission “Scorned” in the Forsaken campaign. It has an impact of 76, accuracy 78, and a draw time of 684. It is a good all-around bow for both PvP and PvE. The biggest downside to this bow is that it uses up the primary weapon slot. Unless you are just really comfortable using a bow, you will probably need a good secondary weapon to fall back on. This bow works best when used alongside a good rifle or hand cannon.

Trinity Ghoul

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Trinity Ghoul can only be found by farming exotic engrams or purchasing it from Xur if he has it in his inventory. It has an impact of 80, accuracy of 86, and a draw time of 720. This weapon is perfect for PvE and Gambit or for PvP if you are playing in close quarters. The bow can mow down large groups of enemies fairly easily due to its elemental abilities. With Split Electron it’s arrows will split into multiple projectiles when fired. Lightning Rod causes a chain-lightning effect on the next shot after a precision kill. This makes the bow particularly deadly when using hip-fire against large groups of enemies. The projectile spread can be tightened by aiming-down the sights and fully drawing the bow.

Subtle Calamity

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This bow is randomly dropped as a legendary engram. The Subtle Calamity is perfect for the Crucible of Gambit. It has an impact of 76, accuracy of 79, and a draw time of 684. It has access to numerous perks designed for PvP, such as Moving Target, which increases movement speed and target acquisition when aiming, and Explosive Head causes arrows to explode after a short time. If you happen to be pretty good at landing precision shots, this bow can also have access to Archer’s Tempo, decreasing draw time after each one. This weapon can make short work of any opponent you come by. The biggest downfall is that it has a longer draw time than some of the other bows on this list.

Point of the Stag

Humble Bundle
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Point of the Stag can only be earned through Iron Banner crucible events. It has an impact of 76, accuracy of 78, and a draw time of 684. This is a lovely bow to have in a pinch as it is a Vorpal Weapon. All Vorpal Weapons do extra damage against bosses and guardians when their super is active. When used properly, this bow can save your team in PvP or make particularly annoying strikes a bit easier. This bow also has access to the Archer’s Tempo trait, which decreases draw time after each precision kill. Between Archer’s Tempo and being a Vorpal Weapon, this bow can be very useful for pulling a team back from a potential defeat in the Crucible.