Best cheats for The Sims Mobile

Best practices for more money, energy, and fun.

the sims mobile cheats

Image via EA

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The Sims Mobile is unlike most other Sims games because it doesn’t have a developer console that you can open and type cheat codes into. As such, it appears as though you have to grind your way to huge net worth and owning every item in the game, at least it does on the surface. In this article, we’ve pulled together some tips to help you feel like you’re cheating in the game.

More money

Simoleans allow you to put food on the table, buy the items you want, and generally live the Sims Mobile fantasy. However, after that initial rush, as you start the game, the Simoleans quickly drop off. There are ways to optimize the amount of Simoleans and SimCash that you earn, though.

First, complete every single daily To Do Task that you get. These generally award three SimCash and a chunk of 200 XP for your Sim if you complete all three each day. By completing these each day, you’ll also earn more money over time because you’ll be leveling up your Sims with all that XP.

Once per week, you’ll get a timed quest to complete. These task you with completing five objectives, and each one you finish awards one SimCash and 200 Simoleans. If you complete these relatively simple objectives quickly, you’ll easily pick up five SimCash and 1,000 Simoleans once per week.

Finally, there are in-game commercials to watch. These aren’t a lot of fun, but if you’ve got a real life task to complete, you can open the game, set a commercial playing, and reap as many Simoleans as well as some XP for doing absolutely nothing.

Save money

The game encourages you to spend all of your SimCash and Simoleans as soon as you get them. Don’t do this. If you do, you’ll be much more tempted to purchase bundles of the stuff to speed up timers and buy cosmetics. Instead, save your money and purchase new Sim slots. If you do, you’ll be able to take on more quests and tasks, earning you even more XP and money in the process.

Optimize your time

If you’re going to be away or have to take a break from The Sims Mobile for a while, it makes sense to put your Sims into a long-term event. This will see them out of action for a few days, but if you can’t play, it doesn’t matter. By the time you return to the game, you’ll have a tonne of XP and cash, thanks to the work your Sim has done.

Save your energy

Sims have a finite amount of energy, and you must keep on top of that if you want them to complete as many tasks as possible for you. If you don’t look after them, they’ll disobey you and do their own thing. Some tasks in the game don’t require energy, though, such as work-related tasks. These are monotonous and don’t award much, but if you’re happy to grind out a few tasks, then you can do as many of these as you want without your Sim losing all their energy.