The 10 best custom game codes in Overwatch 2

Some good ways to waste your time.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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While the main draw of Overwatch 2 is easily its main game modes located in Quick and Competitive Play, sometimes it’s good to play something a little different. That is where Custom Games come into play. Whether it is to prepare and train your aiming for the upcoming Competitive match or to waste time on something that seems impossible to put into the game, here are the best custom game mode codes in Overwatch 2 listed in alphabetical order.

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Best Overwatch 2 Custom Games codes

1000 DMG = Next Hero

  • NX45F

This simple game is a fun way to spend your time while in a queue. You and everyone else in the lobby are in a flat area where you spawn as a hero. Get a thousand damage, and you will rotate to the next one. There’s nothing special about it here, just a giant brawl with no obstructions and a good chance to work on your aim with various heroes.

12 Hogs 1 Hole (Gas Powered)

  • CR5GV

Anyone who has ever played Roadhog on Ilios Well knows how satisfying it is to hook an enemy and let them drop to the bottom of the well for an easy elimination. This game mode is built all around that. Your main objective is to hook enemies and drop them in the hole. When you get an elimination, you get one use of your Ultimate that can propel you out of the hole for free if you get tossed down yourself.

Aim Training

  • RTCJ5

You are placed in a simple boxed-in area where you can work on your aim against bots. You have infinite ammo; you only need to focus on hitting the AI as they move around the area and attack back. This is a good little warm-up before you get into the real thing.

Cassidy Oneshot

  • 3PAWR

In this mode, everyone plays as Cassidy with one bullet in the chamber. One shot always kill the enemy, and all eliminations will refill your gun to one bullet again. If you get enough eliminations before dying, you will get your Ultimate, which absolutely obliterates the competition in the arena.

Genji Ball

  • 5Y71E

Genji Ball is a fun, community-created game that has everyone playing as the cybernetic ninja. An energy ball spawns in the middle of the arena and will chase down a random player. They must time their Deflect right to send it after another player or be eliminated from the round. The last Genji standing wins.

Gun Game V3

  • N9KTX

If you have played Call of Duty in the past, you likely understand Gun Game. You spawn as a hero, and when you get a kill, you swap to the next one on the track until someone gets a kill with every single hero. As you move along, the difficulty is supposed to ramp up with how challenging that hero is to play.

Hide and Seek Tiny

  • WRH3S

All hiders are shrunken down to be miniaturized versions of their chosen hero. They have a few minutes to go around the map and find a spot to hide. When time expires, they can no longer move, and the seekers will have a couple of minutes to search them down and find them. Whoever picks the best hiding place gets the most points.

Lava Parkour

  • 830HE

When waiting in a long queue, we love to waste that time in a parkour match. The objective is simple, get your character to the next checkpoint without touching the death barriers. When you reach a new area, you will get to use a new hero and use their abilities to your advantage.

Prison Escape [Base]


In prison escape, you are given a hero and much reach the other side of the map without the many invincible Bastion’s stationed around the area killing you. When you reach the end, you get to start over with another hero. Good luck reaching the end with everyone.

Widow HS

  • 3B4TT

This is a headshots only mode where everyone plays as Widowmaker. She is well known for being one of the hardest characters to play and get good use out of, but the most rewarding sniper easily. Playing this mode can help you focus more on getting headshots than you usually would.