7 Best Delightfully Spooky and Cozy Fall Fan Builds for The Sims 4

Sims 4 players love to share what they’re building in the game, and this month it’s all about the spooky fall vibes

Sims 4 Haunted Lot

Image via EA

The Sims 4 allows players to build and decorate their virtual homes with the style they choose, and The Sims community loves to share. This year, they’re getting into the spooky fall season by sharing all sorts of delightful builds.

If you hang out in the Sims 4 corner of the internet, you’ve likely spotted some of these gorgeous cutout designs that Sims creators have shared with the hashtag #ShowUsYourBuild. They range from downright spooky to adorably cozy autumn vibes, and we just can’t resist rounding up a few of our favorites so you can enjoy the seasonal vibes, too.

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Adorably Spooky Coffee Shop by Hekali_

Halloween Coffee Shop by Hekali
Screenshot via Twitter (@Hakali_)

Sims creator Hekali_ shared their Halloween-themed cafe designs, which feature adorable ghost and pumpkin accents. This takes a standard business lot in the game and makes it equal parts comfy and spooky in the best way. The jack-o-lantern in a witch hat out front? Perfection.

Cozy Fall Color Scheme by ConArt68

Cozy Fall Interior by ConArt68
Screenshot via Reddit (ConArt68)

On the Sims 4 Reddit, user ConArt68 shared this home they built in the Sims 4 using a fall color scheme full of orange, brown, and green. The result is a super cozy home we’re sure any Sim would love to spend the season in.

Witch Cottage Interior by Alaeryn

Witch Cottage Interior by Alaeryn
Screenshot via Twitter (@Alaeryn)

This cozy witch cottage interior by Twitter user Alaeryn brings some delightful greenery into the mix with plenty of magical touches. The candles, potion bottles, and the herbs drying on the wall all add to the overall witchy vibes for this Sims 4 dwelling.

Halloween Park by honeymaysims

Halloween Park by @honeymaysims
Screenshot via Twitter (@honeymaysims)

Honeymaysims is bringing Halloween to the great outdoors with this park remodel for the Bridleton Bay neighborhood in The Sims 4. This looks like the perfect place for a costume party, with the little Halloween lanterns and ghost sheet covers for the seats in the gazebo.

Gothic Witch House by Sej0090

Witch House by Sej0090
Screenshot via Reddit (Sej0090)

The dark colors and unique shape give this house by Redditor Sej0090 spot-on spooky vibes, and the pumpkins and mushrooms in the yard add an extra layer. You can certainly see this being the house all the kids are scared to visit for trick-or-treat.

Spooky Halloween House by kqhartx

Spooky Halloween Village by @kqhartx
Screenshot via Twitter (@kqhartx)

The haunted house vibes of this build by Kqhartx are on point. The glowing colored lights in the windows and all the ghosties hanging around make this a perfectly scary place for supernatural Sims to haunt.

Good Witch Cottage by @create4sims

Good Witch House by @create4sims
Screenshot via Twitter (@create4sims)

Designer create4sims calls this a good witch house, and you can definitely see a kindly, magical person living in this adorable cozy cottage. The added touch of so much greenery and foliage outside adds that extra layer of comfy fall vibes.

Whether you enjoy spending your Sims 4 playtime in build mode or not, it’s hard not to appreciate the level of detail and design that went into these delightful fall designs. We’d love to hire any of these creators to rework our virtual homes for the season.