Best Discord themes (2021)

Customize the look of your Discord with these great themes.

The greatest thing about Discord is that you can customize and curate your experience through its community creation and moderation tools. With these themes, developed as part of the Better Discord project, you can go a step even further by customizing the very appearance of Discord itself. These are our picks for the very best Discord Themes.

Clear Vision

Clear Vision is the most popular discord theme, and with good reason. This theme makes your Discord overlay appear mostly transparent, as though the text were floating. Because of its futuristic yet elegant appearance and frictionless customization, Clear Vision is one of our favorite Discord themes.


Slate is one of our personal favorite Discord themes. Based on the visual design of github, Slate is sleek and highly customizable, perfect for software developers and discord moderators who want a lot of control with no frills.


Discord+ bills itself as “both sleek and customizable, without getting in your way,” and it succeeds at doing just that. With a crisp aesthetic and great customizations, Discord+ is a crowd-pleaser, and sure to be a good foundation for any kind of Discord user.

Discord Night

Discord Night is exactly what it sounds like: the perfect night mode theme for Discord, with much darker backgrounds that really make all of the text and details of Discord pop, without completely reinventing the wheel.