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Best Divinity: Original Sin 2 Ranger build

Become a lethal archer with this build.

Playing as a Ranger in Divinity Original Sin 2 has you focusing on developing the skills to fight off enemies from afar. Whether it be with a Bow or Magic, a Ranger specializes in picking off enemies from a reasonable distance away. Summoning is essential to making a Ranger viable, as pets can help keep enemies from closing the gap and attacking you up close. This is the best Ranger build for Divinity: Original Sin 2.

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The best build for a Ranger in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Strike true, and strike first; this is the mantra of an excellent Ranger in Original Sin 2. This game features an extensive array of environmental effects, and the Ranger can activate many of these deadly traps while keeping a safe distance from their harmful effects. This build will focus on pets and damage from afar.

Best Ranger build attributes

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The two Attributes to focus on for this Ranger build are Finesse and Wits. Finesse will help with the damage you do with your Bow or Crossbow, while Wits will increase your Critical Chance and Initiative. Wits will also ensure that you go close to first in a battle to get to a vantage point, away from melee enemies, as soon as possible. This will allow you to use traps and whittle down the most powerful enemies piece by piece while your frontline fighters keep you safe.

Best Ranger build equipment

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For armor, you’re looking for pieces that require Finesse, as these will give you a good balance of Physical and Magic defense. You’re not going to buff your armor much with this build, so having that balance is beneficial to surviving the stray hits you might take during combat.

For your weapons, a bow or crossbow is what you will need. The difference between the two is that bows allow for more movement while crossbows deal more damage. We recommend crossbows since you won’t be moving much in a battle, but a bow works fine if you want that extra movement.

Best Ranger abilities and talents

Warfare and Summoning are the abilities you will focus on most for this build, with some points spent in other categories. Your goal is to get Warfare and Summoning to ten, Huntsman to three, and then put any leftover points into range for that boost in physical damage. This will allow you to maintain a strong pet, which is essential for drawing enemy attention and keeping the fragile Ranger safe. These are the Talents we recommend learning for your Ranger build to help bring out the most wear and efficiency:

  • Arrow Recovery
  • Elemental Ranger
  • Executioner
  • Far Out Man
  • Pet Pal

Best Ranger Skills

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Regarding skills, you must be careful not to diverge too far away from the Ranger power fantasy. As tempting as some skills may seem from other trees, focus on ranged attacks and pets to give yourself a fighting chance.

  • Huntsman
    • First Aid
    • Ricochet
    • Tactical Retreat
    • Sky Shot
    • Ballistic Shot
    • Marksman’s Fang
    • Arrow Spray
  • Summoning
    • Conjure Incarnate
    • Farsight Infusion
    • Power Infusion
    • Soul Mate
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The Ranger is a great class built to take advantage of Divinity: Original Sin 2’s specific gameplay style. The environmental traps, elemental combinations, and massive battles allow the Ranger to thrive when used correctly. Use this build and a solid ranged weapon to become the scouts and commanders of every fight.

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