The 10 best Doom Slayer skins in Doom Eternal, ranked

Look your best while rip and tearing through the demons of Hell.

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The Doom Slayer has been ripping and tearing Hell’s demons for decades at this point. The entire time he has been donning the same iconic green battle armor and going to work until the release of Doom Eternal, which incorporated new skins to change Doom Guy’s look. These can be obtained in various ways, either playing through the single-player campaign, leveling up the battle pass, or linking a Twitch Prime account. With that in mind, here are the best skins in Doom Eternal.

10. Classic Marine

You cannot beat the classics. With this skin, the Doom Slayer dons his classic green outfit seen on the first Doom game cover, complete with a slot to show off his abs. You can unlock this skin with two Sentinel Batteries in the Fortress of Doom.

9. Original Praetor

Like the Classic Marine skin, the Original Praetor skin made its debut in a previous game, Doom (2016), to be exact. While there are not many changes between this and the original suit you wear in Doom Eternal, it can be nice to go back to where the excitement was reinvigorated into the series. Unlocking this skin will also involve using two Sentinel Batteries in the Fortress of Doom.

8. Doomicorn

You ever wanted to destroy demons while prancing around the place like a unicorn? Well, maybe not so much for the prancing, but with this skin, your Doom Slayer will don a white and pink color scheme complete with wings and a unicorn head. The usual wrist-mounted blade will also be replaced with a magical wand. To unlock this skin, you will need to be a Twitch Prime subscriber and link your Twitch account to your Bethesda account.

7. Sentinel Training

Back when the Doom Slayer was a Sentinel, this was his armor he donned. It is very close to the armor you will see Marauder’s wearing in the campaign, although you do not get special items like their shield or ax, unfortunately. To unlock it, you will need to spend two Sentinel Batteries in the Fortress of Doom.

6. Mullet Slayer

If you think that Doom Guy is a little too much of a city slicker for you, you should grab the Mullet Slayer. This skin gives him a beer belly, handlebar mustache, and of course, a golden mullet while being dressed up in the appropriate redneck clothes to match. This is the best of the joke skins in the game and is obtained by linking your Twitch Prime account to your Bethesda account.

5. Demonic Slayer

Doom Guy has flames sprouting from his arms and legs with the Demonic Slayer skin giving his Glory Kills that much extra flair. The fire never goes out in the Doom Slayer, so why not show that on the outside? Unfortunately, this skin is only available to those who purchased the deluxe edition of Doom Eternal.

4. Phobos

Phobos looks like a sort of faux gold armor. The darker shade fits in the many Doom Eternal corridors and compliments the rest of your armor pieces. To obtain it, you will need to finish the campaign Extra Life mode with at least ten extra lives remaining. It does not matter what difficulty you do this on, so if you feel confident in your abilities, be sure to give the challenge a try.

3. Gold

While Phobos only changes certain parts of your armor, this skin will change every piece of your kit to a brilliant golden hue. The best of the best Doom Eternal players have earned this skin by completing the single-player campaign on Ultra Nightmare difficulty. You might be thinking that it does not sound too bad until you realize that you only have one life on Ultra Nightmare, and should you die, you will have to start the whole thing over again. Should you beat it, though, you will earn the ultimate bragging rights you can have in the game with this beautiful skin.

2. Ember

While we have never heard the Doom Slayer outwardly say anything, we know he is a real hothead. The Ember skin takes that thought and lights his head on fire and colors the rest of his armor in a charred black. Unfortunately, you will only see the flames during cutscenes, but seeing the fire surround his constant frown adds to his stature as the most badass person in the room. Unfortunately, this skin was only available during the Series 1 battle pass and is no longer available. Hopefully, it will be available again at some point in the future.

1. Zombie Slayer

The Doom Slayer is an unstoppable force, so much so that even death cannot slow him down. This skin will put a skull in Doom Guy’s helmet and tear up many parts of his armor and body like he has been clawed apart. You can see his bones, muscles, and even intestines in this grotesque, over-the-top, totally awesome skin. You gain this skin by signing up for the Slayers Club, the official Doom fan club.