Best factions to join in New World

Confused about which faction to choose?

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Amazon Games’ highly anticipated MMORPG title New World is inching toward its global release, and fans are gearing up for it. The game is set on the fictional island of Aeternum, where players will utilize node resources, craft items, conquer settlements, embark on quests, fight against other players/monsters and explore the entire place.

Like most MMORPG games, New World also features a level-up system where various actions will generate XP, which helps in increasing the overall level. Upon reaching level 12 in the game, players will be asked to pick a faction. Once picked, players cannot change their faction and will have to be a part of their chosen group for the remainder of the game.

Best factions in New World

The Covenant, The Syndicate, and The Marauders are the three factions available in New World. All three of these factions have a different purpose giving each a unique identity. 

The Covenant

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The Covenant comprises extremists whose sole goal is to bring true justice to the world. They are on a mission to annihilate all the dissidents and essentially cleanse the world.

The Marauders

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The Marauders is a group of merciless people that believe in survival of the fittest. They want to establish a free nation where anyone with power can rule and profit.

The Syndicate

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The Syndicate is a secret faction that is driven by wisdom and knowledge. Their primary goal is to uncover the mysteries of the world and ultimately establish a new enlightened society.

As of now, there is no clear best faction to join in New World. It’s usually best to join the faction with most territory control. Additionally, the area controlled by a faction will vary from server to server. Being a part of a dominant faction will lead to higher-tier resources and gear, so make sure you check which faction has the most control on the map before choosing one.