Final Fantasy 7 Fans Prep For Ever Crisis By Sharing Their Favorite Memories

With the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, players are reminiscing about their favorite FFVII Memories.

Image via Twitter

Final Fantasy VII has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years due to the re-release of a remastered version of the 1997 original, the remake of said original, and the upcoming mobile gacha game Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. Throughout the web, fans discuss the possible titles and plots that the developers are cooking up behind the scenes. It’s no wonder that content creators are also giving their own opinions on the matter.

Popular Twitch Streamer and YouTube Maximillian Dood is asking fans for their favorite Final Fantasy VII Memories. With the release of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis on the horizon, many fans are reflecting on the multiple decades of the acclaimed title. With many iconic characters and memorable story elements, there’s no shortage of possible scenarios that can come out of this question.

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What are Max’s Thoughts?

According to Maximillian Dood, the first time and subsequent visits to the Gold Saucer were the most memorable for him. He goes on to mention the many minigames and music, along with the different levels of interactivity that went along with it. He didn’t say the sudden meet-up with the “lovable” Cait Sith, but We’re sure it wasn’t purposeful. The Golden Saucer was an iconic moment in Final Fantasy history for those who got to experience it.

Final Fantasy VII has many great memories, including the introduction of Cloud Strife as he rides along one of the trains with the enormous buster sword resting on his back. You could receive one hundred answers if you asked one hundred people about their favorite memories. Of course, some not-so-great memories involve a particular heroine, but that’s a different topic.

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The launch of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is less than a month away, so the hype train is starting to get a lot more steam. Many hope that Square Enix will take it easy on the microtransactions and fill the title with the proper number of in-challenges that everyone can experience. We’ll cover the game once it releases on September 7, 2023.