Best Kar98k loadouts in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

The Kar that hits your opponents like a car.

After a new set of rebuffs to the Kar98k, in both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, the gun is starting to be mentioned as one of the great weapons to use. Though, how you use it wildly differs. Contrary to popular belief, both Infinity Ward’s titles are quite different from each other. In Warzone, players need to think twice before they shoot, as their one life depends on it, as Modern Warfare gives you more leeway, with the objective being amassing the most kills. So, for those who want to get aboard the Kar98k hype train, here are the best possible loadouts for each game. 

Best Kar98k loadout in Modern Warfare multiplayer

A majority of the game modes in Modern Warfare require a class that offers players speed, along with precision aiming. If you find one that does these two things, you’ll probably end games of Team Deathmatch or Domination with a kill stat that is up in the 20s. The same goes for using the Kar98k, here. You’re not looking for a rifle that is slow but guarantees a one-hit kill. Save that thinking for Warzone. Rather, you want to find something that’s pace is as fast-moving as the game mode itself. So, this loadout will be relying on shot speed and mobility. 

Loadout details:

  • Variable Zoom Scope (Optic),
  • FTAC Sport Comb (Stock),
  • Tac Laser
  • Rubberized Grip Tape (Rear Grip),
  • Sleight of Hand (Perk).
  • For mainline perks, equip Scavenger (Category 1), Ghost (Category 2), and Shrapnel (Category 3), with a tactical Heartbeat Sensor.

Feel free to have whichever explosive and killstreaks you desire, but we recommend that your secondary be a knife – as pistols slow your foot speed. With these attached, you’ll be able to reload in a hurry and get multiple shots off in any situation.

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The best Kar98k loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone

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Slow and steady undoubtedly wins the race here. In the battle royale, the gun’s best loadout revolves around calming your recoil and perfecting every single shot. As you’ll be dealing with up to 149 other players, if you miss one bullet and your position is given away, your chances of dying will escalate. This Kar98k class will allow for players to not worry about that scenario. With a suppressed muzzle at hand, your missed shots will cause enemies to sweat when they cannot find you.

Loadout details:

  • Flash Guard (Muzzle)
  • Singuard Custom 27.6″ (Barrel)
  • Variable Zoom Scope (Optic)
  • STVOL Precision Comb (Stock)
  • Rubberized Grip Tape (Rear Grip)
  • Add Cold Blooded (Category 1), Ghost (Category 2), and Spotter (Category 3) for your mainline perks. A tactical Heartbeat Sensor could also come in handy, but a Decoy Grenade is perfect, too, for luring in enemies.

As you can see, the Warzone class works at a much slower rate than its multiplayer counterpart. The class is most beneficial when hiding in tall buildings or tucked away deep in the game’s woodland areas. If you’re a fairly confident player, feel free to use each class, vice versa, as it may help support your individual play-style. On the condition that all goes wrong for you, you may be more fit for traditional sniper rifles; if so, we can get you up-to-speed on those, as well.