Best Legends to use for Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends

TDM squads will be better off with one of these five Legends.

P.A.T.H. Pathfinder

Image via Respawn Entertainment

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After being requested for years on end, a Team Deathmatch mode has finally arrived in Apex Legends. Although the mode functions much like any other of the same name, there is still a layer of strategy to it, as squads who use teamwork and particular Legend abilities have the highest chances of winning. From a key Recon Legend to an electrifying Controller, this guide will breakdown which Legends prove most useful in Apex Legends’ Team Deathmatch mode.

What Legends are the best in Apex Legends Team Deathmatch mode?


Gibraltar Edition
Image via Respawn Entertainment

In defense, the ol’ reliable Gibraltar remains a trustworthy squadmate when seeking shelter and baiting enemies into coming to you. Those choosing the Support Legend will most likely use Dome of Protection, which blocks any incoming and outgoing attacks. That said, Gibraltar should plant the dome in the middle of maps and protect teammates who need a moment to charge their shields after battle. Better yet, you can expect to earn the Defensive Bombardment Ultimate before the end of each round, and its mortar strikes are bound to earn multiple eliminations at a time.

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Pathfinder is an excellent Legend to use when trying to promote teamwork in Team Deathmatch. When placing a zipline from your spawn to the center of maps with the Zipline Gun Ultimate, your team will have an easier time traversing to the frontlines of gunfights. More importantly, this will result in your teammates being in the same place together, making fights against lone opponents a breeze. Meanwhile, you can also anticipate the Grappling Hook Tactical to get you to top of hard-to-reach locations, and sniping from these positions should be worthwhile.


Apex Legends Rampart
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Especially on maps like Party Crasher, players are bound to run to the high points of multi-story buildings in order to terrorize opponents below with LMGs or snipers. Those using Rampart can aid teammates who take this strategy by dropping down her Mobile Minigun Sheila Ultimate on a rooftop. The weapon is a blistering machine that can achieve eliminations in just seconds, so expect your team’s score to soar upon it being used. Additionally, Rampart users can even close off popular entryways with her Amped Cover Tactical, ultimately buying time for those who need to heal.

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Seer adjusting his hat
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Despite hisĀ Season 16 nerfs, Seer still stands as the best Recon Legend in the battle royale, and this honor certainly carries over to Team Deathmatch. This is mainly due to his Focus on Attention Tactical, which displays nearby enemy locations for Seer and his teammates. As if that wasn’t great enough, its cooldown lasts just 30 seconds, so this ability can be used numerous times each round. Considering Seer’s other abilities also provide enemy scans, the Legend can be a walking map radar for your team.


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Throwable explosives seem to be flying in every direction in Team Deathmatch, and underestimating their power may lead to your team’s downfall. Thankfully, Wattson makes for the perfect counter to enemy grenades, as her Interception Pylon Ultimate can destroy any and all grenades that cross it. Better yet, while shield recharge times are incredibly slow in the mode, it even speeds the process up for all friendlies nearby. Like Rampart, Wattson can also block off entrances, with her Perimeter Security Tactical damaging and slowing anyone who tries to pass through it.