All Legend buffs and nerfs in Apex Legends Season 16

Mirage and Pathfinder will certainly be popular choices in the upcoming season.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Season 16: Revelry may go down as the most influential when it comes to changing how characters function. For one, the season brings a revamped class system that sees each Legend have a unique perk that changes the tides of matches, though there is even a batch of fresh buffs and nerfs to abilities. These gameplay adjustments are slated to affect eight Legends in big ways. Here is every Legend buff and nerf coming to Apex Legends Season 16.

Every buff and nerf to Legend abilities in Apex Legends Season Revelry

All nerfs and buffs coming to these Legends will happen at the start of season, so you may want to enjoy some characters while you still can. The upcoming patch focuses heavily on the scanning meta, altering the Ultimates of the popular Bloodhound and Seer. However, there are some highly-requested buffs headed to the season as well, with Mirage, Pathfinder, and Wraith looking to become even stronger when Revelry arrives. You can find all Legends being adjusted as well as their buffs and nerfs below.

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  • Bloodhound
    • Passive: Tracker
      • Bloodhound can now interact with White Ravens when no enemies are nearby, which then causes them to head in the direction of the closest opponent.
      • Interacting with White Ravens will recover 25% of Bloodhound’s Ultimate charge and fully charge their Tactical.
    • Tactical: Eye of the Allfather
      • Body scan time now reduced from three to one second.
      • Diamond target on scanned enemy is unchanged.
    • Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt
      • Will not recharge or speed up the cooldown of the Tracker tactical.
      • The Ultimate now launches a White Raven toward the nearest enemy.
      • Eliminating an enemy while using the ability also triggers the spawn of a White Raven.
  • Horizon
    • Tactical: Gravity Lift
      • Horizon’s aim accuracy will be reduced when using her Gravity Lift Tactical, but its lift speed is getting a slight increase.
  • Lifeline
    • Passive: Combat Revive
      • Lifeline will now be able to perform revives at a faster pace.
    • Ultimate: Care Package
      • The Care Package’s drop time will be reduced to eight seconds, while its deployment range will be increased.
  • Mirage
    • Passive: Now You See Me…
      • Once Mirage has revived a squad member, he and the ally will be cloaked for three seconds unless either player switches to a weapon.
    • Ultimate: Life of the Party
      • Any enemy who shoots one of Mirage’s clones is highlighted for a short time.
      • Bamboozles will now be activated by bullet fire and melee.
      • Bamboozle icon marker will track the Bamboozled player’s movement, and the marker will appear for 3.5 seconds.
  • Pathfinder
    • Passive: Insider Knowledge
      • Now being in the Skirmisher class, Pathfinder will not have the ability to interact with beacons. Instead, his Passive will consist of scanning Care Packages will his class perk in order to reduce the charge of his Zipline Gun Ultimate by 10 seconds.
    • Ultimate: Zipline Gun
      • The range of the Ultimate’s zipline will be increased by 60%, while Pathfinder’s speed on the zipline is being boosted by 66%.
      • Can no longer place the end station on out of bounds areas of the map.
      • Adjustments made to his ziplining acceleration and exit speed.
      • Improvements to his targeting visual and audio cues.
  • Seer
    • Passive: Heartbeat Sensor
      • Audio from Seer’s passive will now be louder to enemies.
      • Activation is now delayed to match raise animation of their weapon.
      • Lock-On indicator will now only show heartbeat cadence of targets.
    • Tactical: Focus of Attention
      • No longer shows full body scan of scanned targets.
    • Ultimate: Exhibit
      • No longer reveals on initiation.
      • Its duration has been reduced from 30 to 25 seconds, while its cooldown time has increased from 120 to 180 seconds.
  • Wraith
    • Ultimate: Dimensional Rift
      • Wraith’s Ultimate will enable the Legend to place portals twice as far, and her speed over time increases when creating longer portals.
      • The portal’s duration will be reduced from 60 to 45 seconds.

Outside of Legend adjustments, players can also anticipate seeing another addition to the game’s loot pool. Season 16 is bringing a new Energy-based weapon named the Nemesis, a burst rifle that speeds up its firing rate the longer it is shot. The gun is set to be available in battle royale and even in the LTMs featured in the Mixtape playlist.