All Team Deathmatch maps in Apex Legends

Two familiar spots and one new one.

Image via EA

Apex Legends is adopting a little more of a traditional first-person shooter game mode with the introduction of Team Deathmatch. As you would expect, you work with your team to get to 30 kills before the other team can. Like the normal Battle Royale mode, where you play is decided on a map pool rotation, which rotates very frequently so people will play in different locations in almost every game. Here are all of the maps you can play Team Deathmatch on in Apex Legends.

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What maps can you play Team Deathmatch on in Apex Legends?

At the debut of Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends, only three maps are supported for the mode. They are Habitat 4, Party Crasher, and Skull Town. While you likely have pretty good familiarity with Skull Town from King’s Canyon and Habitat 4 from Storm Point, Party Crasher is a new location made specifically for Team Deathmatch. This nighttime map has a bit of a neon glow to its background environment, but the battlefield area is not that lit up.

Since these lobbies are filled with a much smaller number of players than usual, these maps are pretty small, but still have buildings to enter and climb. Upon death, you will spawn on the outside of the map and have to rush back in to find a good vantage point to attack or defend. From what we have seen, there is nothing too special about these locations outside of what you already know about them.

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People love to fight on the high roofs in Skull Town, and Party Crasher is especially good for long-range shooters. Habitat 4 will require quite a bit of tactical movement as you move from cover to cover.