Best locations to farm Apricorns in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Gather Poke Balls’ most crucial crafting material in droves.

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With Pokémon Legends: Arceus centered around catching and completing the Pokédex, it can be painful once trainers constantly run out of Poke Balls and their crafting materials. The best way to avoid this pestering issue is certainly by gathering these materials in large quantities and in little time. This especially goes for Apricorns, a key material for almost all Poké Balls, as the item is only in small sections of each location. So, to build a respectable collection of Poké Balls, here are a few efficient methods for collecting hundreds of Apricorns in just minutes.

Farm from trees in Obsidian Fieldlands and Coronet Highlands

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The indisputable best method for farming Apricorns is one that even beginner players can access. From the northern camp in Obsidian Fieldlands, head between Aspiration Hill and Horseshoe Plains to collect Apricorns from five of the yellow trees huddled together (as marked by the Apricorn symbols above). This should lend at least 25 Apricorns, in total, but it doesn’t stop there. The material can respawn in the trees once you leave the area and go back. So, be sure to head to Jubilife Village from the northern exit and then head back to find these trees instantly replenished.

The only downside to the location is that is overrun with Pokémon. Players may not find this to be a problem right away, but it does become a headache after a while. In turn, this method can also be used on the three Apricorn trees outside of the southern camp in Coronet Highlands. You will only end up with around 15 Apricorns each time they spawn in, but the trees are extremely close to Jubilife’s entrance and there are only a few less aggressive Pokémon nearby — making this respawn process a breeze.

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Grow Apricorn harvests by catching

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The last method isn’t as demanding, but it will come at a cost. This is done by quite literally farming with Colza in Jublife Village’s garden area. In return for 500 Poké Dollars, the NPC will plant about 30 Apricorns, along with five Spoiled Apricorns. Like most features in the game, the farming mechanic is tied to catching. So, for Colza to finish growing this harvest, at least eight Pokémon will need to be caught before speaking to him again. It should be noted that this is also much cheaper than buying Apricorns, as directly purchasing 30 of them will run 1,200 Poke Dollars.

We don’t recommend continuously harvesting Apricorns and catching Pokémon, as this ultimately takes much longer than the previous method and will quickly fill up your pastures. However, if you’re looking to explore and fill out the Pokédex, this makes for a great, little reward once you travel back to the village.

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