Best Minecraft axe enchantments

Making the ultimate weapon.

Minecraft is more than just mining for resources and using those to craft new gear. A lot of it is upgrading and changing the gear you already have to make something better. Enchanting is one of those things, and you are sure to want to enchant many things to help your experience in the game. Take your axe, as an example. Such a simple tool in the game, when enchanted, can become an essential part to gathering and surviving.

There are 10 enchantments, total, that you can choose from, and so we have ranked them all out for you so you know which ones are the best. Some are rather useless, honestly, but others can completely change the game for you.

10. Fortune

Fortune will give you an increase in resources dropped when mining materials. The only thing is that this is better-equipped to be used on a pick-axe, not an axe. While you can put it on an axe, there just isn’t much of a use since you can’t mine as much as you would with a pick-axe.

9. Silk Touch

This enchantment causes any item used for mining or harvesting to do so on a block without changing it at all. Which sounds useful, but with an axe, you are usually going to be using it for wood and you already don’t really change the wood when you chop it. So there just isn’t much of a point on this one.

8. Curse of Vanishing

An enchantment that causes your weapon to immediately disappear from your inventory after you die doesn’t sound like something that you would intentionally pursue, but it can be a good option for PvP servers so enemies can’t get their hands on your weapon. Still, not much use besides that.

7. Bane of Arthropods

This enchantment will grant your axe increased damage against any arthropod enemies in the game, so spiders, silverfish, endermites, and cave spider. If you have an area with these enemies that you like to farm, this can be a good option, but with how specific the enemy type is, it really doesn’t have a ton of usefulness.

6. Smite

The Smite enchantment makes slaying any undead enemy as easier time, which given how common those kinds of enemies are, is far more useful than the Bane of Arthropods. However, this is an enchantment with a very specific benefit, and since you should always prioritize using your axe for mining and resource-gathering, a combat-focused enchantment may not be the best idea.

5. Sharpness

If you are still wanting to have an axe that is dedicated to fighting, however, then Sharpness is one of the best option of all the combat-focused ones. This will give your axe increased damage to any mob it is used against. It is much bigger, with more damage to be dealt to more enemies, and that’s why it should be a top choice for any combat-specific players.

4. Chopping

The Chopping enchantment is a great option take down enemies that use shields, as it gives your axe the ability to stun enemies through their shield. This can be incredibly useful against enemies like the Vindicators. Along with some increased damage and you’re looking at a very solid enchantment.

3. Unbreaking

It’s always a pain when your axe wears down too quickly and suddenly breaks on you. Which is why Unbreaking is a good option to help keep that process long. The enchantment makes a weapon’s degradation last much longer and slows the entire process down, saving you time and resources to get a new one or fix it.

2. Efficiency

If you are wanting to be the best miner and gatherer, then Efficiency should be at the top of your list. This enchantment will help your axe break down objects a lot faster than usual, and on a diamond axe, you are looking at next to no time at all. It makes the entire grinding process easier and more entertaining.

1. Mending

But if you are going to be mining more things in the same amount of time, you are going to be wearing down your axe that much faster, which is why Mending is the top choice for our list. It pretty much makes any item it is on will never wear down completely. As long as you earn experience points, then your axe will be immortal.