Best Minecraft Dungeons Bosses, Ranked – Tier List

It’s all about bosses.

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Minecraft Dungeons, a popular spin-off of the beloved Minecraft franchise, offers an exciting dungeon-crawling experience with a variety of bosses to defeat. These bosses pose formidable challenges, each with unique abilities and strategies required to conquer them. Hence, we’ve put together a tier list ranking every boss in Minecraft Dungeons.

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The final boss of the game, the Arch-Illager, is an S-tier boss due to his complex phases and mechanics. With multiple stages and a variety of attacks, this boss requires precise timing and strategic planning to defeat.

The Heart of Ender

As a climactic encounter in The End, The Heart of Ender is another S-tier boss. The Heart of Ender possesses a unique design and challenging attack patterns that demand skilled gameplay to overcome.


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Nameless One

The Nameless One from the Creeping Winter DLC is an A-tier boss. Its icy attacks and teleportation abilities make for an exciting battle that requires agility and quick reflexes.

The Redstone Monstrosity

The Redstone Monstrosity, found in the Fiery Forge, is a powerful boss deserving of the A-tier. Its immense size and devastating attacks present a daunting challenge, demanding players to strategize for success.


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The Corrupted Cauldron

The Corrupted Cauldron, encountered in Pumpkin Pastures, earns a solid B-tier position. It provides a moderate challenge, testing player awareness and adaptability.

The Jungle Abomination

In Dingy Jungle, the Jungle Abomination offers a B-tier challenge. This boss battle showcases the need for a balance between offense and defense, adding to the overall enjoyment of the encounter.


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The Necromancer

The Necromancer in Cacti Canyon is a C-tier boss. Although less challenging than some of the higher-tier bosses, this encounter introduces players to boss battles in Minecraft Dungeons.

The Mooshroom Ancient

The Mooshroom Ancient, located in Moo Caves, is another C-tier boss. It presents a modest challenge and serves as a good introduction to boss mechanics for newer players.