Minecraft: Top 10 Best Mountain Seeds in MC

The best seeds for a lovely hike.

Image via Pathway Studios

In Minecraft, there are many different types of landscapes called biomes. Some players have found special worlds with amazing mountains. Here are my takes for the best mountain seeds in Minecraft for you to explore and enjoy.

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What are the 10 best mountain seeds in Minecraft?

This list contains the ten best mountain seeds in Minecraft. Take note of the seed number, and you’ll be able to use it to load into the world the next time you play the game, so you can enjoy the views from the top of each peak. These seeds aren’t ranked in any particular order, so pick whichever one takes your fancy first.

Barren Mountains

Screenshot by Gamepur

This seed has a huge chunk of land that’s been transformed into a Cobblestone mountain range. You’ll struggle to find much interesting on the horizon with this seed, but that might be what you’re after. It’s almost like being on Mars, with the endless red stretching out before you. To load into it and try it out, use Seed Code “-632509719“.

Bay Mountains

Image via Minecraft

Most of these seeds focus on putting you in a rocky mountain range where you’re restricted to building on the land. This one, though, has a lovely bay area with mountains just on the shore. There are also mountains sticking out of the water, but you’re safe because of some shallow rocks that encircle the area before you get to the sea. Check this seed out with Seed Code “2061509969“.

Birch Forest

Image via Mojang

Similar to the lush jungles you’ll most likely come across in every world you spawn on in Minecraft, this seed plonks you into a forest of birch trees in a snowy biome. The mountains aren’t as tall as they could be, but you’ll still find yourself climbing over massive hills, only to see more in the distance. To jump into this seed, use Seed Code “-36499305“.

Cold Mountains

Image via Mojang

If you’re looking for a frozen mountain adventure where you need to wear warm clothes and fight against the elements for survival, this is the seed for you. It’s a colossal mountain range that stretches on further than you can see, and it’s all cold and frozen. While there’s certainly snow, you’ll find more ice than anything. To get into this seed, use Seed Code “5786636“.

Dripstone Caves

Screenshot by Gamepur

Most of the seeds in this guide place you in worlds with mountains that are sealed. You’ll need to dig into them to find the resources lurking deep below. However, this one differs because the main mountain on the map is pocketed with Dripstone caves. These are caves where water has caused minerals to build up over time, almost as if the mountain was broken apart by huge streams millions of years ago. To see if for yourself, use Seed Code “-2085351238“.

Real Mountain Range

Screenshot by Gamepur

This seed is incredibly realistic, featuring a vast mountain range that wouldn’t look out of place on Google Earth. While you might want to build a small settlement at the foot of the mountain and eventually construct a ski resort, this is a great place for those that want a pure mountain climbing experience. With the right mods, you could immerse yourself and make it feel completely different. To access it, use Seed Code “-860899055“.

Sharded Mountains

Image via Minecraft Wiki

The Sharded Mountains seed is quite a hardcore seed to load into. The mountains are actual shards that stick up out of the world and pierce the sky. Surrounding them is ice and frozen tundra. It’s a harsh world to live in, but one that presents a decent challenge if that’s something you’re looking for from your next Minecraft adventure. The Seed Code for this world is “288666951“.

The Mountain Oasis

Image via Mojang

This is the seed to use if you’re after a true adventure. It’s a mountainous map you can explore for days, making a new discovery almost every minute. However, you’ll be most intrigued by the pit in the center of the map. There are caves in there that go deep beneath the surface of the map, providing a huge new realm for you to explore. This map is equal parts terrifying and mesmerizing and is a great way to kick off your mountain adventure. The Seed Code to use here is “8326474“.

Tropical Mountain Range

Image via Mojang

As you might suspect from the name, this biome is a vast mountain range that’s characterized by the lush jungles around it. Not only are jungle trees the most abundant, creating a thick canopy for you to explore, but there are bamboo forests nearby too. This all combines to create a dense world to explore that you never really feel like you master. To explore it for yourself, use Seed Code “5116017“.

Volcanic Mountains

Screenshot by Gamepur

This map needs to be explored to be believed. It’s a mountainous seed that’s perfect for any base building adventure. It also got a volcano that’s slowly spreading lava into a crater between mountains and feeding a lush forest with nutritious soil. Furthermore, it’s got caves to explore at your leisure, allowing you to go on a constant journey of discovery without needing to leave your house. For access to this seed, use Seed Code “-1226547906“.