The best moveset for Heatran in Pokémon Go

Have the best Heatran in battle.

Beat Heatran in Pokémon GO

Heatran is one of the rare Pokémon you can capture in Pokémon Go by participating in five-star raids. These raids are only available for a limited time, which means you have a small window to capture a Heatran with the best stats. You can take a variety of trainers to participate in these raids, and the more you have with you, the better chances you have to take it down. Like many Pokémon, Heatran can learn a variety of moves.

It’s a Fire and Steel-type Pokémon, making it only weak to Water and Fighting-type attacks. However, it takes twice the critical damage when hit by any Ground-type moves. Because of the limited amount of weaknesses, it shouldn’t be too tricky to fit Heatran into a reliable roster for your Pokémon team. Plus, it’s resistant to Bug, Fairy, Grass, Ice, Poison, Steel, Dragon, Flying, Normal, and Psychic-type moves. Given how many resistances it has, you can likely build your three Pokémon team around it to win plenty of battle league matches.

Here are all of the moves Heatran can learn:

Fast moves:

  • Bug bite (Bug-type) (5 Damage, 12 energy gain)
  • Fire Spin (Fire-type) (14 Damage, 9 energy gain)

Charge moves:

  • Flamethrower (Fire-type) (70 Damage, 140 energy)
  • Fire Blast (Fire-type) (140 Damage, 140 energy)
  • Iron Head (Steel-type) (60 Damage, 120 energy)
  • Stone Edge (Rock-type) (100 Damage)

Fire spin will be your go-to option for Heatran. It’s a great option that can do plenty of damage, and give you a reasonable amount of energy gain. For your charge move, if you only have to choose from, stone edge is your best choice. It’s a powerful attack you can use somewhat frequently, especially alongside fire spin. For PvP fighting, you want to use stone edge and flamethrower.

You should find yourself taking down plenty of trainers in the Ultra and Master leagues with a well-rounded Heatran with fire spin, stone edge, and flamethrower.