The best moveset for Moltres in Pokémon Go

What are the best moves to give Moltres?

Image via Niantic

It can be tricky to teach Moltres the best moveset it can learn in Pokémon Go. You might not always have the correct tools available to make it happen, but when you do, you want to ensure you can get it right and give it the best attacks possible. In this guide, we’re going to cover the best moveset you can give Moltres in Pokémon Go.

The best moveset for Moltres

Moltres is a Fire and Flying-type Pokémon. It will be weak to Electric, Rock, and Water-type moves, but it is resistant to Bug, Grass, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Ground, and Steel-type attacks. We recommend using it against Grass, Fighting, Ground, and Steel-type Pokémon. You can use it in the Master League, but there are superior Fire-type Pokémon you might want to consider, such as Ho-Oh or Heatran.

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These are all of the moves you have the chance to teach Moltres.

Fast moves

  • Fire Spin (Fire-type) – 9 damage and 3.3 energy per turn (3 damage per turn) – 3 turns
  • Wing Attack (Flying-type) – 5 damage and 3.5 energy per turn (2.5 damage per turn) – 2 turns

Charge moves

  • Ancient Power (Rock-type) – 45 power and 45 energy (10% chance to increase user’s attack and defense by two ranks)
  • Fire Blast (Fire-type) – 140 damage and 80 energy
  • Heat Wave (Fire-type) – 95 damage and 75 energy
  • Overheat (Fire-type) – 130 damage and 55 energy (100% chance to decrease user’s attack by two ranks)
  • Sky Attack (Flying-type) – 80 damage and 45 energy

Between the two fast moves available for Moltres, we recommend you go with Fire Spin. Although it does not provide the exact amount of energy as Wing Attack does, the two are comparable, with Fire Spin doing more overall damage to opponents.

You want to go with Sky Attack and Overheat for the two charged moves. Sky Attack will be Moltres’ go-to charged move, given how little energy it requires, but Overheat is a powerful move that can do severe damage. The downside to this attack is it will lower Moltres’ already meager defenses, making it a prime target for attacks. Also, you won’t be able to use Moltres for long following this attack, so don’t expect to do multiple hits with it.

The best moveset to teach Moltres is the fast move Fire Spin and the charged moves Overheat and Sky Attack.