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Image via Game Freak

Best Nature for Cetoddle and Cetitan in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

This distant cousin of Wailmer is looking to chill out.

Ice Pokemon are the “neglected toys” of competitive Pokemon. Ice as a typing is excellent offensively, hitting Dragon, Grass, Flying, and Ground super effectively. However, Ice is perhaps the weakest defensive option of all the types. Ice is only resistant to itself, and faces super effective attacks from Fighting, Fire, Steel, and Rock — all extremely common attacking types. Cetitan is a pure Ice-type, so to pilot it effectively you’ll want to know the best Nature for Cetoddle and Cetitan in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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What is the best nature for Cetoddle and Cetitan?

On paper, Cetitan has staggering bulk — with the fourth-highest base HP in the game at 170, Cetitan has more HP than Snorlax. A solid 113 Attack also opens up options for heavy-hitting attacks, but a 65 Defense and 55 Special Defense do cause concern, regardless of how much HP it has. Finally, a relatively slow Speed stat at 73 means that both inside and outside of Trick Room, this thing will go second (unless you pick Slush Rush, more on that below.) As such, we recommend Impish or Careful Nature to boost its bulk a little bit. Adamant is a secondary option, as is Jolly.

Image via Game Freak

Cetitan’s best ability and moves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Cetitan has three options to choose from — Thick Fat, which reduces enemy damage from Fire and Ice moves by 50% when targeting Cetitan, Sheer Force, which sacrifices a moves secondary effect (such as reducing defense or paralyzing) to strengthen a move by 30%, or Slush Rush, which doubles Cetitan’s Speed inside of snowy weather. If you are planning on running a Snow team, Slush Rush should be your pick — outside of that, Sheer Force is the better option.

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Move selection for Cetitan is standard for an Ice-type — Double-Edge, Earthquake, Heavy Slam, Play Rough, Stomping Tantrum, Liquidation, and new attack Ice Spinner round out most of your options. Worth noting is that as Cetitan is a pure Ice-type, it may be worth considering Terastallizing it into a different type entirely to circumvent Ice’s inherent weaknesses.

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