The best place to farm Assault Rifles at Atlas HQ, Promethea in Borderlands 3 – Loot the Universe

Quick and easy.

Borderlands 3

With Loot the Universe making the switch to Promethea for the next week, it means things have become all jumbled again. Different zones on Promethea will now drop different Legendaries, and farming enemies in the right place is a sure-fire way to increase your arsenal.

Atlas HQ, on Promethea, will be prone to dropping Assault Rifles this week, so if you are the market for something shiny and new, then we have a great spot for you to farm. The place is pretty barren after you finish the story, but there is a helpful group of enemies that provides players with an easy, and repeatable, farm.

Assault Rifle Farm

When you load into Atlas HQ, head into to the main area and instantly turn left, following the wide walkway down. You will come to a raised area above you, and you want to get up there to do some farming.


If you look at the left-hand side, you will see a row of bushes running down. Jump on top of them, go to the end, then jump directly at the part of the wall shown above. Your character can mantle the wall here, and will then jump up, cutting out a lot of annoying walking.

Walk towards the spot shown on the map above, and some Troopers will spawn. Some of them are always Cartel members, which will then call in more Cartel members when they die. We have been getting multiple drops of Legendaries here, and plenty of Assault Rifles.

Remember, how much loot you get will depend on your difficulty level, so make sure you are pushing the Mayhem levels up as much as possible to maximize drops. If you are playing at Mayhem 10, then all Legendary drops should also be Anointed, which is a great change added to the game this week.

When you have wiped out all the enemies here, grab your Legendaries, then open your map and head back to Sanctuary. You can load in again to repeat the farm.