3 Best Places To Get Schematics In Palworld

Schematics are easy to use and hard to find in Palworld.

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Schematics are blueprints for various items in Palworld. They can contain anything from hats to armor and typically show man-made items that you can’t find in the wild.

At first, schematics seem tricky to use and even harder to find. While it may seem like they are rare, you can actually find plenty of them if you look in specific spots around Palworld. In this brief article, we’ll touch on where you can find schematics and explain how to use them if you don’t know already.

Finding Schematics In Dungeons in Palworld

The first place to look for schematics is in dungeons. Any dungeon will do. As long as it is a place where you enter and defeat a boss, it counts. Every chest you find in a dungeon is different than the ones you find in the wild. They all have a higher chance of giving you a schematic rather than other times, like gold or Spheres. In addition to rare items and the Technology points you get from looting chests and beating the boss, dungeons are even more valuable places to visit when you consider the higher spawn rate of schematics.

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Getting Schematics From Merchants in Palworld

Your top spot to get schematics is anywhere where a merchant is selling. One of the earliest merchants you can reach for a ton of cosmetic schematics is in the Small Settlement just northwest of the starting area. There, you can buy a number of hat schematics: everything from bunny ears to bowler hats. Plenty of merchants around the world sell schematics elsewhere.

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Finding Schematics In The Wild in Palworld

If you want to rack up schematics, the best way to reliably do so is to open as many chests as you can. Copper and Silver keys can help you do this for restricted chests, which have a higher likelihood of spawning rare items like schematics. While this seems like a bit of trial and error, the only way to boost your schematic spawn rate otherwise is to open chests that are inside dungeons.

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How To Use Schematics in Palworld

To use schematics, you’ll need to have them in your inventory, along with all of the resources you need to craft what is in the schematic. Unfortunately, you cannot craft any schematic that you just have lying around in a chest or box. Having the schematic on your person while you use a workbench unlocks the option to craft the object in the workbench menu., and having the items necessary for crafting will allow you to create the schematic item on the spot.