Where To Find Relaxaurus Boss in Palworld

Relaxaurus isn’t relaxing to deal with, until you catch it. Here is where to find Palworld’s adorable mascot, and beat it in battle.

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One of the most notable Pals in Palworld is the blue dinosaur you see on the art and icon. Relaxasaurus is a comfy-looking dino creature that you can catch if you have the guts and power to do so.

Taking on a Relaxaurus in Palworld is no easy feat, with an AOE attack that’ll knock you down if you get close and blast attacks that deal hundreds of points in damage. This water type won’t go down easily, mainly because it’s bulky and quite powerful. In this quick guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to track down Relaxaurus in the wild and as a boss and how to defeat and catch one.

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Where To Find Relaxaurus in Palworld

Palworld screenshot of Relaxaurus's habitat location on the world map
Screenshot by Gamepur

To find Relaxaurus in Palworld as fast as possible, players need to navigate down from the beginning spawn point until they reach a fork in the natural dirt road. Once there, they must turn right and navigate northwest until they reach the landmass just before the tiny island that separates one from the other.

The tiny island is too far, so players will need to turn around and backtrack. Once players see Relaxuaurus in the flesh, he’ll gain a massive health bar and look like a real boss. The game will then track the battle as if it were an Elden Ring boss fight.

Palworld screenshot of Relaxaurus's habitat location on the world map
Screenshot by Gamepur

Relaxaurus is hard to miss once you are within eyeshot of him, being a big lovable dinosaur that hallmarks the game’s icon across the board. If you just want to find yourself a regular Relaxaurus, locating him during the day is relatively simple. The only issue is his spawn rate, which is unbearably low.

If you want to get a Relaxaurus before you tackle your first tower, you have a higher likelihood of catching him as a boss instead of as a roaming Pal in the wild. They roam grassy, wooded areas in the middle islands north of the player’s spawn point but can be unpredictable. Once, we had one turn-up in our base.

sealed realm of the thunder dragon entrance in palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

There is also a Relaxaurus Lux boss in Palworld at the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon location, though this is a much tougher fight for those around level 30. It’s not very useful as a boss-fighting Pal because players will already be at the right level to beat most of the towers before they can catch it. It’s also possible to breed Relaxaurus at a player’s base to get a Relaxaurus Lux, and this can end up being an incredibly powerful Pal because it adopts its parent’s traits.

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How To Beat The Relaxaurus Boss

palworld screenshot of relaxaurus's stats
Screenshot by Gamepur

When you find the Relaxaurus boss, he’ll be level 20, so be sure to bring along Pals that can take hits and do super-effective damage against Water and Dragon types. Electric types like Sparkit or Joltog are good for this, but Ice types can also be great to have around since they have a chance to freeze enemies.

Try stunning the Palworld boss, as it will give you time to duck for cover and fire at the boss with arrows. Be sure to pay attention to whom the Relaxaurus is aggroed towards so that you can duck and cover if he is looking at you or fire away if he is paying attention to your Pal. If you feel underprepared, you can use the Power Statue at your base to power up some of your best Pals.

Can You Hatch Relaxaurus From an Egg in Palworld?

A player character breeding a fusion pal egg in palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

Yes, players can hatch Relaxaurus from eggs in Palworld. To do this, they’ll need to unlock and build the Egg Incubator in their base. Relaxaurus hatch most often from Huge Dragon Eggs, but we managed to hatch Relaxaurus from a Huge Damp Egg, which is the water-type egg that we found in the wild. These spawn randomly, so they’re hard to track down, but if players find one, they should hatch it as soon as possible to see if they get lucky with this monster.

Alternatively, there are several Pals you can pair together and breed to create a Relaxaurus egg, but it will require access to some late-game Pals. It seems like the most accessible breeding pair may be Suzaku and Penking or Cryolinx and Sweepa. But if you don’t have access to those Pals, here are some other options for you to breed a Relaxaurus in Palworld:

  • Anubis + Blazamut
  • Grizzbolt + Pyrin
  • Grizzbolt + Ragnahawk
  • Grizzbolt + Quivern
  • Jormuntide + Pyrin Noct
  • Jormuntide + Lyleen
  • Suzaku + Penking
  • Suzaku + Grintale
  • Suzaku + Cinnamoth
  • Suzaku Aqua + Penking
  • Suzaku Aqua + Grintale
  • Pyrin + Beakon
  • Pyrin Noct + Elizabee
  • Pyrin Noct + Mammorest
  • Cryolinx + Nitewing
  • Cryolinx + Sweepa
  • Mammorest + Lyleen

To breed Relaxaurus, you’ll need to first unlock the Breeding Farm from the Technology tree at level 19. You’ll then want to place the farm somewhere in your base, bake a cake and place it in the box attached to the Breeding Farm, and throw your two compatible Pals into the farm. Naturally, the two Pals you’re trying to breed need to be of opposite genders. If your Pals are compatible, they’ll start getting busy, and after about 10 minutes or so, you can collect your Relaxaurus egg from them.

What are the Best Moves a Relaxuarus Can Learn in Palworld?

Palworld screenshot of a level 18 relaxaurus in the wild
Screenshot by Gamepur

The best moves a Relaxaurus can learn in Palworld are Dragon Meteor, a dragon-type move that deals 150 damage, and Aqua Burst, a water-type move that deals 100 damage. Both of these moves unlock at level 50.

The best Passive Skill for Relaxaurus to have is Blood of the Dragon. This skill increases the damage dragon attacks deal by 10% for each level, up to 30 times the base damage. While there’s a water-type equivalent, Relaxaurus is just as superior as a dragon-type Pal.

Relaxaurus is best suited as a combat partner and mount, but if you want to use it as a worker on your base, it has Work Suitability in Transporting (level 1) and Watering (level 2). This means Relaxaurus can do a fine job watering your crops for you or manning a Mill or Crusher. But Relaxaurus’s Watering suitability is outclassed by many other Pals, most notably Jormuntide. So, we recommend keeping the lovable dinosaur around as a missile-shooting mount.

Any player who wants to learn more about Palworld should check out our complete guide for the game. In it, we’ve collected all the guides we’ve produced to help players master their time catching Pals and crafting every item under the sun in an automated base.