How to Get And Use Effigies In Palworld

Effigies can help boost your stats in-game without grinding in Palworld. Here is how to spot them and what to do when you find them.

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Effigies are special shrine-like structures in Palworld that can help boost your invisible stats without even grinding. If you’ve wandered around the islands for long, you may have even seen a few of these statues glowing in prominent locations; or just scattered throughout the world in nature, beside streams, or next to camps.

So far, we’ve found only Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld, but if there are any more to be found, we’ll update this article if we find any more! Below, we’ll explain how Lifmunk Effigies work, including where you can hope to find them and how to use them once you do.

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What Are Lifmunk Effigies?

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Lifmunk Effigies are shrines to the Pal Lifmunk that appear throughout the world with a green glow in the shape of a Lifmunk. When interacted with, they grant your character boosted catching power permanently. While catching power isn’t a visible stat, it is an invisible one that varies with how you attempt to catch a Pal.

Catching power can be boosted by catching a Pal from behind, but Lifmunk Effigies help boost this capturing power as a base stat. The more you find, the more your default capturing power will grow.

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Where To Find Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld

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Lifmunk Effigies are scattered throughout Palworld in locations with no discernable pattern. However, much like Riddler Trophies in the Arkham games, these green glowing points of power offer advantages for those who love looking for secrets. Oftentimes Lifmunk Effigies can be found at the tops of castles where the highest point is not seen. Other times they can be found hidden next to rivers, among bushes, deep in forests, and inside buildings or stone structures.

While it’s hard to place a pattern on how to find these effigies, one way to consistently seek them out is by exploring as much as you can as carefully as you can. Don’t be afraid to let your curiosity guide you as you climb structures, seek out nooks and crannies, and keep an eye out for green lights, especially when you navigate at night. The good thing about these Effigies is that they stick out even during the daytime, glowing a bright green that can be visible even from far away, or across coasts.

If you haven’t found a Lifmunk Effigy yet in Palworld and need to know what they look like, here is a free one for you: just down the road from the beginning spawn area, you can find a Lifmunk Effigy in a stone archway next to an islander relaxing by the campfire. This same islander will offer you Pal Spheres just for talking to him, so don’t be shy.

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How To Use Effigies in Palworld

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Once you’ve scouted out a few Effigies, you can use them by building a Statue of Power. They are relatively simple to build, only requiring Stone and Paldium Fragments to construct, the blueprint for the Statue being accessible as early as Technology level 6.

After making your Statue of Power in Palworld and placing it in the most aesthetically pleasing place for such a statue to go, you can offer your Lifmunk Effigies up to it to improve your character’s base catch stat. Next time you try catching a Pal, you’ll notice the difference in higher percentages; even if you haven’t dealt any damage to them yet.

How To Find The Desolate Church Statue of Power

Desolate Church Palworld
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For those who have yet to build a Statue of Power, one can also be located in the Desolate Church.

This statue location has a fast travel point, making it easy to travel too, and can even become a base location for those wanting scenic views and beautiful flora and fauna as part of their decor.

Desolate Church Statue of Power Location Map Palworld
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At this Statue of Power, players can increase their Pal capture power or their Enhance their Pals. To enhance a Pal, players will need Pal Souls, which can be obtained from fighting Pals around the map. Players can improve the Max HP, Attack, Defense, and Work Speed of Pals once they have reached their required Level Sync.

With these upgrades Palworld players will have even more opportunities to conquer critters and build bases as they explore.