Where to Catch Nitewing in Palworld

Nitewing is a fantastic early flying mount you can secure in Palworld. Here is how to find it and the best ways to catch it.

Nitewing in Palworld

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Thanks to the massive world it is set in, Palworld is a game where progress is evident through how you navigate the map. Getting a mount is one game changer, but scoring a mount with wings presents an even more streamlined way of getting around.

If you’re tired of climbing mountains at a snail’s pace, praying you have enough Stamina to reach the peak, then investing in a Nitewing can help you travel faster and with less struggle over obstacles, and with hauls of items. If you want to get your first flying mount of the game, we have a short guide below detailing where you can find Nitewing and how to catch one without killing it accidentally.

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Where to Find Nitewing in Palworld

Nitewing in Palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

Even though Nitewing is a freedom-inducing mount, you can find them pretty early in Palworld. The entire stretch from the beginning Fast Travel spot down to the next is Nitewing territory. They appear primarily at night.

Don’t let the name string you along though, these beasts can appear during the day too, which makes them significantly easier to track down and catch. The entire main continent where you start off in Palworld is home for Nitewing, making them one of the most widespread flying mounts that you can obtain, perfect for getting in the air as early as possible.

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How to Catch Nitewing in Palworld

Nitewing's Habitat in Palworld
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Nitewing is a tricky customer in Palworld, primarily because it flies so high in the air. You will rarely see it sitting on the ground. This makes it difficult to start an encounter with since you can’t throw your Pal Spheres high enough to bother it. Instead, what you must do is shoot Nitewing with an arrow of your choice. Hitting it with an arrow (even just once) will cause it to agro, giving you a chance to have it lower itself while attacking you and your Pal. Once it’s in range, try these suggestions to ensure a secure catch:

  • Mega Spheres: These higher catch rate Pal Spheres are perfect for this occasion since Nitewing is a little harder to catch than your average Pal.
  • Cash in Lifmunk Effigies: Before you attempt to catch a Nitewing, consider using the Statue of Power to offer up your Lifmunk Effigies that you’ve collected so far. Since they improve catch rate, this can be quite valuable for an evasive Pal that has a low catch rate.
  • Use Non-Effective Pals: Since you don’t want your Pal to up and kill the Nitewing before you have a chance to secure it, consider using a type that isn’t as effective on a Neutral type. Because Neutral type is one of the weakest types out there, the only way you can prevent as much damage as possible is by avoiding Dark types during this encounter altogether.

How to Improve Your Nitewing With the Pall Essence Condenser

The Pal Essence Condenser in Palworld
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When you have the Ancient Technology Points for it, consider unlocking the Pal Essence Condenser as soon as you can. Doing so will allow you to combine multiple Pals into one, a method that allows you to create one super-powered Pal. You can use this machine to stack powerful attributes, or even improve abilities on top of their original status. If you see multiple Nitewing or have one with unfavorable abilities, you can use the Condenser to combine the Pal until you have something favorable for your team.

You can unlock the Pal Condenser by reaching Level 14 and obtaining at least 2 Ancient Technology points.

How to Breed Nitewing in Palworld

You can breed Nitewing by pairing up two specific pals together at the Breeding Farm. To make a breeding farm, you’ll first need a Breeding Farm. You’ll unlock the farm at level 19 in the Technology tree, and it requires 50x Fiber, 20x Stone, and 100x Wood to create.

Knowing the exact combinations to breed Nitewing can be tricky, which is why we recommend a Breeding calculator like this one. We’ve got a few combinations down below that’ll breed Nitewing:

Parent 1Parent 2Result
AnubisRelaxaurus/Menasting/Pyrin NoctNitewing
IncineramLyleen/Menasting/Pyrin NoctNitewing
PyrinWumpo Botan/Kingpaca/CinnamothNitewing
CryolinxBlazehowl/Katress/Mammorest CrystNitewing

Palworld‘s many mechanics like breeding can be complicated to learn as a beginner player. Check out our beginner’s guide for Palworld here, which covers some of the game’s core mechanics, as well as tips and tricks.