10 Best Pokemon Gifts For Girls (And Where To Get Them)

Pokemon gifts are easy, with everything from clothes to headphones available in droves.

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Image via Amazon

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When it comes to Pokemon-related gifts, there is no shortage of options to pick from. Whether you want your gift to be useful, fun, wearable, or representative of your kid’s favorite Pokemon, there’s plenty out there for those who are looking for the perfect gift this Holiday season.

Pokemon is a great franchise to have as a gift option for your kid. Anything and everything is fair game, with crossovers abundant and gifts good enough for both under the tree and in the stocking. The only real trouble is picking which gifts are most sure to delight. Below we have a list of gift ideas that you can use for your Pokemon fan this year.

10. Interactive Partner Eevee

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Interactive toys are fun for everyone, even if your kid isn’t too into figurine collecting. This interactive Eevee toy responds to movement, touch, sound, and light. It can be a desk companion or a nightstand guardian for any Eevee enthusiast out there.

9. Pikachu Coin Bank

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Who needs a plain old piggy bank when you can just have Pikachu keep track of your stuff? This sneaky coin keeper is an adorable way for your kids to learn how to keep track of their change. Simply place the coins right where Pikachu can reach them, and he’ll put them in his safe where they’ll be nice and protected before closing the box again himself.

8. Eevee Outdoor Adventure Shirt

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If Eevee is a favorite, consider the Eevee Outdoor Adventure T-shirt. The badge design, as well as the official Eevee look, goes with just about anything and pretty much suits any age. Whether you’re shopping for a kid or a teenager this year, this is a great gift that applies to almost anyone, provided they like Eevee.

7. Pikachu Pokeball Tassel Hat

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Many cold months still await even after the festivities are over and the new year has begun. Why not get something that can keep little noggins warm? This Pikachu beanie comes with two little Pokeball tassels, with tiny buttons on each PokeBall that are fun to fiddle with if you have nowhere to put your hands. Tug and play with the tassels all you want; they can stand up to a little harmless fidgeting.

6. Pokemon Varsity Jacket

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Even little ones can benefit from a nice, cozy jacket. The best part about these kinds of gifts is that the older your kid is, the more they’ll appreciate it. This varsity jacket is stylish and simple, meant to be subtle yet representative of one of the coolest kids’ franchises out there. If your kid wants to start looking like a Trainer, this is an excellent place to start.

5. Pokemon Storage Card Carrying Case

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If your kid plays Pokemon in card game form, why not get them a snazzy carrying case? This isn’t just any flimsy binder either; this carrying case has a nice hard shell so that it can endure plenty of accidental bumps, tennis shoe kicks, and whatever else your Trainer puts it through. There’s plenty of space, making it a safe place for some favorites to bring along and show off at school.

4. Pikachu Wired Headphones

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Headphones are a hot item for any kid just freshly introduced to the world of technology. Whether they need a pair for school or otherwise, it’s hard not to look fondly on the rad Pikachu headset designed for smaller noggins. Each side even has a nice little Pikachu face on it, a detail you wouldn’t find on your average Skullcandy.

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3. Pokemon Wall Decoration Stickers

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Give your kid an impressive gift this year: the freedom of choice. Having gifts that your kid can get creative with helps encourage them along to bigger things, and there’s no such freedom that’s more lighthearted than getting to decorate your room the way you want. If your kid is a Pokemon fan, these wall stickers are sure to be great little insights into what they like. If you notice Eeveelutions are more populating the wall than starters, then you know exactly what to get them next time.

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2. Pokemon Battle Ready Figurines

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Figurines are a great way to encourage kids to collect and care for their collections. Pokemon officially makes plenty of these little figurines, one for each Pokemon out there, spanning from figurines hot off the line to ones made in the 90s. In other words, you have no shortage of supply if this gift turns out to be a hit, featuring starter Pokemon like Turtwig and iconic faces like Jigglypuff.

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1. Pokemon Volcano Action Figurine Set

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What would a figurine display be without a little environment for all those Pokemon to live in? This volcano island setup is great for displaying just a few of the Pokemon figurines your kid got for Christmas. It also comes with a few figurines of its own, adding to the pile with all three original starters and, of course, Pikachu.