The best rewards on the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 3 battle pass

Embrace the winter season with this brand-new set of festive rewards.

outfits S3

Fall Guys Season 3: Winter Knockout is finally upon us. The previous season had a medieval theme, while this season throws players into a winter wonderland. With that come brand-new games, items, and of course, a brand-new battle pass.

The Fall Guys Season 3 battle pass contains 21 Crowns and a plethora of new cosmetics. It has 40 levels, but only requires 22,000 fame to complete this season. The celebration is now awarded at level 37, instead of 40. This is also the first battle pass to not include Kudos at all.

Here are all of the best cosmetic rewards for Fall Guys Season 3: Winter Knockout.


Interfaces S3
Assets via Mediatonic

Interfaces are back for Season 3, this time with a sweet holiday twist.  Show off your ornament or candy cane banner, or be the envy of casuals with the legendary Snow Angel nickname.


colours S3
Assets via Mediatonic

The best colors this season look delicious! Gingerbread, Pistachio, Fondant, Candy Twist, and of course, the sweetest of all… Narhwal. (Okay, so one of them doesn’t fit the theme…)


patterns S3
Assets via Mediatonic

While there are a few different cute patterns, the Knitted pattern is straight-up S-Tier. Little sweater bean… do you see this?!


faceplates S3
Assets via Mediatonic

Because the eyes have an alternate color, Icy Glare is the best Battle Pass faceplate we’ve seen so far. Compared to that, Not Yet(i) is lacking but still makes the list.


emote S3
Assets via Mediatonic

The only stand-out emote this season is Shiver: Brave the cold in a not-so-brave way with this emote. The celebration this season is called Penguin Avalanche and is awarded at level 37 instead of 40.


outfits S3
Assets via Mediatonic

Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for: The outfits. This season we have Snowman, Krampus, Snow Queen, and Dapper Walrus. Be warned, though: The Dapper Walrus upper is the level 40 prize this season, so if you want it, you’ve got to complete the whole Battle Pass.

Does the overarching winter theme speak to you? Has season 3 brought you a battle pass that has you ready for the holidays, or has you feeling like a scrooge? Regardless, the battle pass, as always, does not require a premium purchase, so just keep an eye out for the items you like.