Best Roblox clothing templates

Show off your creativity by creating your very own Roblox clothing.

Image via Roblox Corporation.

Creating is a key component of Roblox, and your clothes are no exception. Customizing your clothing in Roblox is a great way to show off your creativity and individuality. Thankfully, Roblox makes it easy to start customizing your character. To begin customizing your clothing, you will need a template. This guide will show you the best templates and how to edit and upload them.

T-shirt decals

The simplest way to customize your Roblox’s appearance is to change your t-shirt. And t-shirts can be created by anyone, even if they don’t have a Builders Club membership. For t-shirts, a template isn’t needed. All you need to do is find and upload an image that is 128×128 pixels to Roblox. This will paste the image onto the front of your character.

Shirt and pants templates

A template is needed for shirts and pants, as they wrap around your whole body, so you will need an outline to get started. These are the best basic templates for Roblox clothing. Note that the clothes are folded up around your character, so you will need to design your clothes accordingly. 

These are the dimensions for each section of your character. Make sure your images match the listed dimensions.

Large square128 × 128 pixelsTorso
Tall rectangle64 × 128 pixelsSides of arms/legs
Sides of the torso
Wide rectangle128 × 64 pixelsTop and bottom of the torso
Small square64 × 64 pixelsTop and bottom of arms/legs

To edit these templates, open the images below into the editing software of your choice and paste your designs onto the squares. 

Here are some templates you can try out right now. You can use these as-is or edit them to fit your style. 

Images via

Uploading your clothing

  1. Head over to the Roblox Create page. 
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Click on the clothing you want to edit in the left column. 
  4. It will ask for your file, upload your edited template.
  5. Click upload and wait for Roblox to approve your deisgn.