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Best Rowan build in Boyfriend Dungeon

This fatal attraction is unleashed.

The silent but deadly Rowan is a force in Boyfriend Dungeon and can help you in battle greatly. However, you want to make sure you pick the best Rowan build to realize their full potential. With a powerful void attack and their scythe attacks, you’ll be unstoppable.

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Rowan focuses heavily on their area of effect attack, making them perfect in Boyfriend Dungeon as the game tends to swarm you with many enemies on screen. As you level up and gain their love rank, their abilities become more powerful. With this guide, we’ll adjust your current build so you can dominate the fears. You can change his quirks at the gym that can be found in the hub world like Sawyer and the rest of the dateable characters.

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The first iteration on the love rank is either having the gravity wells deal damage over time (Dread) or explode when the attack ends (Finale). We prefer using the Dread ability as the prevalent damage will affect encircling foes over time rather than one narrow attack. If you stack the Dread-equipped gravity well attacks together, you’ll see the fears falling like flies.

For the second iteration, you can choose to either make the gravity wells bigger (Presence) or last longer (Implacable). We went with Presence as it will cover a wider distance for those swarming enemies to get hit by. Crowd control is key in Boyfriend Dungeon.

For the last iteration, you can either stack the Deadly Momentum ability up to five times (Acceptance) or make the ability last a little longer (Eternal). As the Deadly Momentum ability gives Rowan a damage boost with every enemy dying, we decided to pick the Acceptance ability for higher damage output overall. If you can take out five enemies in quick succession, Rowan’s attacks will be wrecking everything in their path.

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