Best runes in Doom: Eternal

What runes should you equip to your Doom guy?

By the end of Doom: Eternal, you will have access to nine different runes. You can have three runes active at a time. These runes give your Doom Guy a unique passive ability to enhance your overall gameplay, and your choice of runes changes up your overall game style. While all of the runes are powerful, some of them are more useful than others, but it does depend on how you play the game.

Equipment Fiend

For those who actively use their equipment, such as the flame belch, the frag grenade, or the ice grenade, this is the perfect rune to have in your setup. With it equipped, it lowers your overall cooldown with these pieces, and the more you use them, the faster the cooldown recharges. You can cycle through your equipment, use your weapon of choice, and then start the process over again, keeping all of the demons on edge and consistently damaged.

Blood Fueled

The glory kill is the ultimate way to eliminate any demon you have heavily damaged, and an ideal method to replinish your health. The problem with it is while you spend a hot second or two killing a demon, others are slowly converging on your location. With this rune, you gain a speed boost after the glory kill, allowing you to move away quickly from where you were and reposition elsewhere. For those who rely on the glory kill, make sure to have it.

Seek and Destroy

In Doom: Eternal, time is precious. You don’t want to waste a second running over to a staggered demon to land that glory kill because if you wait too long, it could go away, losing your chance to regain health. You need to react fast or have a larger timer. The Seek and Destroy rune increases the distance you can cross to initiate a glory kill, cutting a portion of the time you would normally spend running after it.

Chrono Strike

Jumping around in Doom: Eternal is a great way to avoid demon missiles and attacks while they come after you. To further the benefit of avoiding these attacks, the Chrono Strike slows down time while you aim down sights with your weapon. It does have a charge, so use it sparingly during combat. But it can be a great way to nail down a particularly tough enough or avoid continual fire.

Dazed and Confused

Much like the Seek and Destroy rune, Dazed and Confused optimizes the stagger animation of a demon. This rune increases the amount of time a demon remains in this state. You can freely attack other demons without having to immediately hone in on the staggered opponent, especially if you want to clear the field a little before you grab more health.