Best safeties in Madden 22

Highly versatile? Yes. Very dangerous on the field? You bet.

Image via EA Sports

Safeties play a big role in shutting down opposing receivers and can be even deadlier in some cases on a blitz play. When you think of great active safeties in the NFL, you might think of Jamal Adams, former Super Bowl champ Devin McCourty, or the ‘Honey Badger’ himself, Tyrann Mathieu. But who does EA Sports think are the best safeties in the NFL right now? Let’s take a look at the top-rated safeties in Madden 22.

Here’s a look at the top ten safeties in Madden 22, which includes both free and strong safeties:

  1. Tyrann Mathieu, FS: 95 OVR (Chiefs)
  2. Budda Baker, SS: 93 OVR (Cardinals)
  3. Devin McCourty, FS: 92 OVR (Patriots)
  4. Jessie Bates III, FS: 91 OVR (Bengals)
  5. Justin Simmons, FS: 91 OVR (Broncos)
  6. Harrison Smith, SS: 90 OVR (Vikings)
  7. Jamal Adams, SS: 90 OVR (Seahawks)
  8. Adrian Amos, SS: 89 OVR (Packers)
  9. Eddie Jackson, FS: 89 OVR (Bears)
  10. Minkah Fitzpatrick, FS: 89 OVR (Steelers)

Some familiar names make the list, including Eddie Jackson, Jamal Adams, Harrison Smith, and the top safety Tyrann Mathieu. The Chiefs free safety received a 95 OVR rating from the Madden team, two points higher than the highest-rated strong safety on this list, Cardinals defensive back Budda Baker.

One name who could creep up the list for this year is Derwin James, who missed all of last year due to injury. The Chargers safety and avid Madden player will start 2021 as an 88 OVR safety.