Best settings for RiMS Racing beginners

Make the game playable.


Screenshot by Gamepur

RiMS Racing is a motorcycle racing simulator. It brings a level of realism to the table that’s almost unplayable for newcomers. However, with a few settings tweaks, you can turn this into a game you can enjoy and master, building you up to the point when you can finally take on the harder difficulties. This article covers the best settings for beginners who want to get through the game without crashing on every corner.

You don’t need to alter every setting in the game to make it easier to play. However, we’d recommend running with the following settings if you want to ease yourself into the experience.

  • System of Measurement: This setting doesn’t matter that much, but it’s nice to have it set to your local system of measurement, such as miles, to make the UI easier to read in a rush.
  • Physics Simulation Level: Beginner is the setting you need here. Anything higher will see your rider launching off the bike and making more of a whine than a worn-out wheel.
  • Transmission: Set this to Automatic because you don’t need the stress while you’re starting out.
  • Braking System: We’d recommend you set this to Combined because you’ll only be braking with the front or back brakes otherwise, not both.
  • Tucked Position: Automatic is fine here for all proficiency levels.
  • Wireless Controller Vibration: You might want to set this to around 50% if the vibrations are too much for you to concentrate. We wouldn’t recommend changing it otherwise.
  • Fast Pit-Stop: Change this to On; otherwise, you’ll be performing the button prompts for every action in the middle of a race.
  • Career Difficulty: Setting this to Novice will make the game easier to play. You can always restart your career and put this setting up if you feel like it’s too easy.

With these settings, the game will feel less realistic but much closer to a racing game. Once you’ve mastered the career mode and feel ready to push yourself, you can try changing these settings to make for a more challenging experience.