Best SMGs in Call of Duty: Mobile

Dominate the mid-range fights with these guns.

COD Mobile

Image via Activison

While Assault Rifles are preferred for close-range fights in a battle royale game like COD: Mobile, Sub-machine guns are chosen to engage with the rivals in mid-range battles. SMGs don’t give damage as high as the ARs, but they have a lesser recoil, making them easier to handle even for beginners.

Call of Duty: Mobile has a wide range of SMGs to choose from that can be equipped with various attachments to build a loadout before entering a match. Here we have listed the top 5 best SMGs that you can find in the game based on their stats:


Image via Call of Duty: Mobile

Chicom is unlocked at Level 42 and has a high mobility of 74 and Fire Rate of 62, making it easier to take down the enemies. The recoil of this gun is quite low, which is evident from the fact that it has the highest accuracy rate of 63. Also, it has a range of 43 that makes it a decent pick for mid-range fights.

HG 40

Image via Call of Duty: Mobile

HG 40 has one of the best overall stats among all the SMGs and is quite easy to handle for beginners too. The gun provides a damage of 40 with a high accuracy rate of 62 and can be unlocked at Level 13.


Image via Call of Duty: Mobile

The strength of POW-57 is its high fire rate of 75 and an accuracy of 49 that makes it one of the deadliest SMG in Call of Duty: Mobile. It is also quite easy to equip as it requires the players to reach only Level 6 to get unlocked.


Image via Call of Duty: Mobile

Razorback has the exact same stats as that of POW-57, and this beast gun can be unlocked at Level 55. The gun deals with the damage of 42 with a high fire rate of 75, making it difficult for the enemies to survive.


Image via Call of Duty: Mobile

RUS-79U is what you call a perfectly splendid SMG that gives damage if 43 with one of the highest fire rates of 77 in the game. Also, unlike other guns, you will find this gun unlocked already, that means you don’t need to level up to add it to your loadout.